Journey Journal: Vietnam

 1 Every year my family travels during the holidays and this time we went to Vietnam, particularly in Ho Chi Minh. It was my second time as I already went before to shoot for a TV series titled Vietnam Rose where I played as a Vietnamese 10 years ago. Now this time you can check out my recent journey journal to Vietnam.My family especially my brothers and I love to go to temples and museums every time we go travelling and that’s always on our top list. So for our first stop, we went to the pagoda of the lady Thien Hau. 2  3  4A different kind of lighting an incense, first you have to right down your name and age on a red piece of paper then they hang it together with the twirly incense. 1  5  7  9 Now this is the famous Cyclo in Vietnam, it is also known as the Cycle Rickshaw. We Filipinos refer it to the pedicabs or trisikad.
 10  11  12  13Our next destination was the War Remnants Museum. This is one of the most visited place in Ho Chi Minh.
 22  142A lot of pictures, remnants from the war that is really saddening but highly educational. A part of history of Vietnam that a lot of tourists are unaware of. Very tragic…
 17  18  20  21
 23  24  25 I call this place as the motorcycle of the east. They just have an enormous number of riders. You will be amazed on how good (reckless) these people are when motoring their bikes, they are the version of our jeepney drivers, good in a reckless way. 26  27 So for our last stop, we passed by another temple and just observe the people and of course prayed.

 28  30  31 The next day, we went to the famous Cu Chi Tunnel. It was around two hours of drive from the city, also a must see when you visit Vietnam. 32 33One of the traps made by the Vietnamese army against the U.S. militaries. Imagine falling through that trap….
 34 Now here is our tour guide showing one of the tunnels where the Vietnamese used to hide…..
 35 And of course I have to try it too….. 36 But I failed…. I got stuck while going down the tunnel. I’ll be dead in no time if I was there during the war. 37 Creepy tunnels… this was the pathway inside their tunnels. it’s so tiny and it goes deeper and narrower as you go further. So we were wondering how can a person breathe when inside the tunnel…. 39and then he showed us this…. looks like an anthill right, but check the bottom part of it, there’s a hole and that serves as the vent so the people inside the tunnel can properly breathe. Amazing! 38The Fury in Vietnam hahahaha…. 2 (1)It was a nice trip to the Cu Chi Tunnel, it’s another must see place in Vietnam. So before exiting, I said to myself, I need a photo op with our tour guide, now who looks more like a Vietnamese? hahaha. 1 (1)As soon as we got back to the city, we head straight to the famous Saigon Notre-Dame Church, Unfortunately it was close.
3  40 60  43 Then we went to this close by place called Ben Thanh Market, looked around inside for a while and ended up buying a hat which you saw in my previous post, and that’s it nothing else….  44 So on our second night, I went out to meet my friend Ronnie Salvacion who happened to be in Vietnam also with his family. We passed by the church again and took a photo of it before going to a bar to see what Saigon can offer to those who wants to have good time at night. 45We ended up going to Glow SKYBAR because everything is already closed. We realised that they don’t have much going on during weekdays unlike here in the Manila. 47 But we were lucky to end up here coz it was actually a great place. Rooftop that has a nice view of the city, good music, good food and wide range of drinks. 46  49  50  52 On our third day we wanted to see what they can offer for shoppers like me, but sad to say they don’t have much… 53and then we went to their post office, which is also part of their tourist destination. 58seeing this was so cool coz they still got the old school phone booths where in you use to call people from abroad. and mind you, it’s still working.
 55 simple yet beautiful architectural of the inside of their postal office.
 56  57now look at this guy being awesome selling his donuts using his balance expertise.
 59 And thats basically it, our short trip to Vietnam has ended. It’s a good place to visit if you’re a first timer, especially if you want to be educated about their history and culture. So far we had a good time going around Ho Chi Minh but I wish we had time to visit Hanoi coz i know it’s a different experience going there. Anyway I hope you enjoyed another journey journal of mine, til’ the next journey… bye.