Journey Journal: Barcelona

So here’s another journey journal for you, this time it’s Barcelona, Espanya. A vacation trip to have a break from work and the cold weather here in Norway with the wifey who ended up to be my photographer and videographer. I guess I can honestly say that I’m lucky enough that she didn’t leave me there after making her work on our vacation. With that being said, we’ve made a travel vlog of Barcelona on my Youtube channel which I assumed that you have already seen, but incase you haven’t, here is the link.

Now here is Barcelona through my lens. 4 days and 44 photos,hope you’ll like it.


Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, Catalonia. It would be nice to drop by here for a quick photo.

53 La Pedrera aka Casa Milà. I would recommend that you take a trip to this building as it was declared by UNESCO as one of the world heritage site and for the main reason that it was designed by Antonio Gaudi. 3 5 7 These helmet looking art is actually a chimney…89 A perfect vantage point for Gaudi’s another masterpiece.101213I have instantly admired Antonio Gaudi’s work and gift right after we’ve seen La Pedrera. Now here is a shot of an intricate design of a tile that was designed by Gaudi which is present even on the streets of Barcelona.

Casa Batio16Sagrada Familia. you just can’t miss this absolutely beautiful architectural work of Gaudi. Exterior is plainly the best. My head was just tilted up for maybe 10-15 minutes staring and appreciating every detail of this amazing basilica.1917Under construction since 1882 and will probably be done by year 2020. It was just breathtaking. I probably said WOW 10 times just by looking at it.29and by the don’t forget to miss the other side of this basilica as you will see a totally different exterior design. Now what you see here is the nativity facade. The other one was the passion facade.41now we go inside and check this amazing ceiling work. I can’t imagine being the one working up there…4342up to its door you will see a fine detail work. Always seek for JESUS.47
Barcelona Cathedral. situated in the gothic quarter, the area which says to be the oldest town of Barcelona. Definitely a must-see as well.49 2122 24 26One reason why I love Barcelona… the streets.5556A trip to the Picasso museum that ended up to the Museu Europu d’art Modern (MEAM)3031 Retsospectiva Istvan Sandorfi.3233 345135 Dark vs Light, Old vs New..
3637View of Barcelona from the Fortress of Montjuic.204546

Poble Espanyol. which literally means Spanish town. It is an outdoor museum that is very interesting to visit. So I suggest you come here first then watch the fountain play in the evening at the Fountain of Montjuic. you can see it in my video…383950La Barceloneta. It’s also nice to visit this very calming beach if you have time.54Las Ramblas. Barcelona’s most famous street. Another must site for tourists. Restaurants, souvenir shops, museums, bars and lots and lots of people. It’s too crowded. We spent our last day walking around this long street because we only found out there that stores are close during Sundays, so make sure to schedule your itinerary properly especially if you have plans of shopping or else you’ll end up like us (shoppingless) hahaha.


There you have it. Actually there are many many more places to see like the Barcelona FC Museum, Park Guell, MNAC, Tibidabo Mountain, etc. I highly suggest that you plan your trip well coz’ this city is so huge, also take the city bus tours as it stops to all the tourists spots in the city. Take the 2 day ticket because there are two different routes, the east and the west. It is definitely worth every penny.

So I hope you enjoyed my Barcelona trip and please do subscribe also to my Youtube channel and watch my Barcelona travel vlog. Click here

See you on my next Journey Journal…. Have a nice weekend!