Concrete Jungle

Welcome to my first travel blog or let me call it the journey journal. Oh, that sounds catchy. :) Okay, so let me give you a brief story on why I had this trip. Vice Ganda (a famous Filipino comedian/celebrity) is having a US tour and my brother (Enchong Dee) was the chosen one to be his special guest. So I decided to join the concert tour that will run for three weeks and go to four different cities. But New York isn’t part of the show, we just opted to have a side trip to see our relatives, plus it’s my first time to be able to experience one of the world’s famous city.

So here is my art diary…

Starting off with this beautiful shot of Chrysler building picture taken at my Aunts unit. 7The view from the balcony of our hotel in Manhattan, Wellington Hotel. 1

The classy Horse and carriage ride in Central Park. 2 Some building near Central Park that has an amazing architectural. 3  6 The Columbus Circle, located at the intersection of 8 ave, Broadway, Central Park South and West. 8

Queensboro Bridge, it connects Long Island City in the borough of Queens with Manhattan.

Trivia: Jay Gatsby and Nick Caraway passed that bridge on their way from Long Island to Manhattan. It was shown in the movie The Gatsby. 9

The original St. Patrick’s Cathedral or Old St. Patrick’s… Lucky to witness this small and original cathedral of St. Patrick. 10  11

Mexico in New York called Tacombi. Once you enter the resto, you’ll feel like your not in NY but in Mexico, and they serve great mexican food. Well they must be.
 12  13  14 and here is the chaotic Times Square, its always crowded never empty… well if you think there are lots of New Yorkers there, think again… Most of them are tourists like me. 15  16

The Maine Monument in Columbus Circle. It commemorates the 260 American Sailors who perished in 1898 when the battleship Maine exploded in Cuba. and by the way the top part isn’t gold but bronze. and they are casted from the metal recoveries from the guns of Maine. Interesting! 17

Okay, The world’s most famous arena, The Mecca, The Garden, The home of my favorite team in NBA the New York Knicks. Well my friend Chino and I was supposed to watch a game of Knicks but I said probably next time when they are not losing anymore… It’s still part of my bucket list to watch in Madison to see Melo. So I’ll definitely be back. 23

Now let us go to my happy place when it comes to fashion. I asked my Filipino menswear blogger friend Denny where to go to buy a hat and he gave me the address of this cool store. So I quickly searched for this store and walked 5 blocks just to get a hand of these amazing hats from JJ Hat Center. unfortunately I can only carry one coz it comes in a huge box so that the hat won’t get flattened or deformed. So if you happen to be in NY and crazy about hats, I suggest you visit this store, located at 310 5th ave. NY they’re open from 9:00 – 6:00 P.M. 22  21

Central Park, I believe that was the bridge where they shot a scene in Home Alone II the movie, where Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) was being chased by the two bandits. Oh I love that movie, well who doesn’t. Right? 20

We Hop on and We off… My experience with it wasn’t that amazing if I compare it to Paris’s Hop on Hop off. I don’t know if it was because of our tour guide or NY is just not that historical enough that our tour guide did nothing but to tell us where the celebrities live and stayed in NY.   19  18  Radio City Music Hall in Rockefeller Center. It used to be the leading touring destination in the city. 24 The Atlas Statue at Rockefeller Center. 25Inscription from the Bible at the GE Building.

Great view from the NYC Sightseeing Cruises.  27

And this was the closest we could get to the Statue of Liberty. I’d definitely come back to this concrete jungle called New York….
 28Hope you enjoy my New York Journey Journal. I still have lots of places and famous landmarks to see. So bye for now see you next time…. I Love You New York….