Best Parts of 2014


This particular post is all about my 2014, just to give you a story about myself before I started to blog. This year began with a lot of great things. I was in Norway for three months, from November to February, to visit my then-fiancé and son. But not only that, it was the same trip where our second child was born, and we named him Alexandros Jayden. Great things didn’t stop there, it was the same trip too where in we got married, had our second baby baptized, and my wife & eldest son celebrated their birthdays! Mind you they have the same birthdate. That trip was amazing, with the left to right celebrations! Probably the best trip ever.


After four months, it was their turn to visit me here in the Philippines. We made a short trip to Hong Kong and Macau with the whole family. Of course when you have kids, Hong Kong is not complete without going to Disneyland. Then after a few days, we transferred to Macau to witness what they call Las Vegas of Asia. We were able to experience the gondola ride like the one in Venice, Italy. But this one is indoor, thanks to the singing Italian guy, he made it a memorable one.


Ok, so this is the part where you will know what my real job is. I was called to be part of this afternoon TV show titled Moon of Desire. It was basically a love story about humans and werewolves. A very popular theme nowadays. I played the dad of the lead actress, and I was more than a hundred years of age. Because I was a werewolf, I stopped ageing. Fantastic right? It was a very memorable show for me…


After the show ended, I went back again to Norway. It was the trip where I could finally travel outside Norway because we decided to stop for a while on having a new child. Hahaha. We went to Paris with the whole family again. We had an amazing time stopping and taking pictures at all the famous landmarks, witnessing the amazing works by men! And obviously we can’t take a pass on going to Disneyland Paris because of the kids. (excuses) Haha! I was in absolute bliss, except for one thing… We realized that it was better or maybe the best to travel there without any kids. One, there are no elevators going to subways, so we literally had to carry our strollers going up and down. Second, people everywhere are smoking. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the best cities in the world to visit especially with your loved ones.

I can say that this year is one of the best years I had. I am blessed to have a very loving wife and two amazing children. I can’t wait for what’s in store for me this 2015. I’m so excited to be doing more outfits for you guys. So keep coming back. Happy New Year everyone… Stay positive. God bless!