Aloha and Mahalo

Aloha everyone. Welcome to my second Journey Journal, Hawaii, also known as the aloha state. Aloha is commonly known for hi, hello or goodbye. But to the hawaiians it means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Hawaii is divided into eight main islands. One of which is the Oahu island where Honolulu is located, the capital city of Hawaii. also known as the heart of Hawaii.

Okay, now join me as we explore this beautiful island of Oahu…. 5Waikiki beach, it was the first place we went after settling down in our hotel. and wow! I must say I love the beach so much! the sand, the scenery, the people… its definitely a must place to see when you go to Hawaii. 1Some walkway in Waikiki beach…
 2The gorgeous beach of Waikiki. Waikiki is used to be the gathering place of the royalties. 3So the following day, my brother and I decided to go to the beach to witness the sunrise… Of course it was magnificent.
 14The serene view of Waikiki beach during sunrise. 16Okay so here is the part where I got frustrated… Coz of my stupid fractured hand I wasn’t able to experience surfing in Hawaii.
 22 12Now this is what I call living the life… camping just beside the shore, making surfing very convenient. 13See this amazing mountain, this place is called Kauai. This is the place where they shot the upcoming Jurassic Park movie. Oh my this place is magnificent. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to bring our camera here so this is the only shot I have on this place. But here is a link to see the entire view. 4Meet Hamana, a great Hawaiian chief. He’s the one who started the hang loose sign, which is called Shaka. 6Okay now read this. this is interesting. Know what it means before it became a famous sign to all the surfers in the world. and how it has a different meaning when you do the sign and waggle it. Amazing ey! 7So here are the old settlers of Hawaii and their origins. 8The dining place at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Luau.
 9The evening show at the Polynesian Cultural Center. In case you visit this place, its a must the you watch this show. The  show starts at 7:30 daily. and again camera is prohibited, but because of my ignorance or lack of attentiveness I was able to take a single photo of it. :) By the way the show is called HĀ BREATH OF LIFE. 10Special tour backstage with the casts of the show. Why? Because we were noticed by the Filipinos working there. Some perks for being a Pinoy.  11Makapu’u point. Very cinematic view. 15A view from the Makapu’u point. 17So while I was taking pictures of the beautiful view this guy suddenly blocked my view, but thanks to this dude, I get to witness how crazy this sport is. So what they do, from the cliff they raise their chute until it is up, and then they will make their way and jump from the cliff. Now take a closer look to what they were doing with their feet…. 20In-flight… 18 19Now look at their feet, its now gone and inside that cocoon like bag… 21Perfect tie-up shot…. 24Up up and away! Good job!
 25Back to this stunning view… 23One of the Highlights of this trip…. 26But first we have to pass by this tunnel…. exciting!! 30Welcome to Pearl Harbor… Thanks to our Filipino producer for taking the time just to bring me all the way here. It was probably a good 2 hours drive from Waikiki. 27The USS Arizona Memorial… 33It marks the resting place of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors and marines killed on the USS Arizona
 28One of the remains of the sunken battleship. 29some chimney from the battleship that was left on top of the surface of the water. 31Now this was the area that gave me goose bumps. The names of the sailors and marines that was killed inside the battleship. I tell you this place gave me a strong feeling of sadness, you see people here crying, affected, and there were also lots of Japanese tourists paying tribute to lost men. So I stopped taking pictures and stood for a while and prayed. It was a different experience. 32A miniature Tora Tora plane… 34Tora Tora Tora an acronym for totsugeki raigeki “lightning attack” 35Torpedo that was collected from the war. 36Miniature of a Japanese battleship 37Miniature Japanes planes. 40 43Tools used by the Japanese spy. and they used our race as a disguise…. What a shame. 38Now it’s time to take a tour inside the U.S.S. BOWFIN 39See how narrow this place is? and look at that tiny stool… People with claustrophobia won’t survive here. 41There goes the missile…. 49The very uncomfortable bunk beds… can you imagine being here for months…  42Posing infront of the gauges. 44 45 46 47A very thick metal door that separates one section to another. I remember hitting my head to the ceiling while crossing this door… 48posing with this huge artillery at the deck. 50this thing looks like it’s gonna transform into a robot…. so i guess it’s time for me to go now… 51I hope you guys enjoyed and learned something from my Hawaii trip. If given a chance I still wanna go back to Hawaii coz there are still lots of places I haven’t seen like Maui, The Big Island, Lanai. and next time I’ll definitely bring my family. This trip was excellent, I had so much fun, from its culture, beaches, history, I would say, if you’re into travelling, Hawaii should be part of your list of places to visit. Alright, this is me saying Aloha “goodbye” and Mahalo “thank you”