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 34Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to experience the authentic italian place called Casa Italia. I have actually been waiting for this to arrive here in the Philippines, and now they are finally here to serve us exquisite Italian coffee, gelato and gastronomy. Follow me as I share to you to my very personal experience with the place and Chef Donato. 

For decades, the hearty flavors of Italian cuisine have been capturing the hearts and the palates of Filipinos. Casa Italia, the metro’s newest Italian bar concept, gives foodies more reasons to delight in Italian cooking with its recipe for the perfect gastronomic experience—an inviting ambiance paired with the finest coffee, gelato and comfort food.half5 19

Pure coffee perfection

Casa Italia boasts of the freshest coffee in town with Coffee OTTO, a signature Casa Italia blend of 100% Arabica coffee carefully roasted the Venetian way by expert roasters who ensure precise timing and temperature throughout the process. Coffee OTTO operates on the principle that coffee beans must be consumed within 8 weeks from roasting to make sure that every cup captures the perfect aroma, smoothness and body that you can only enjoy in the freshest coffee.

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Make coffee breaks with friends unforgettable with Casa Italia’s take on the Cappucino, the traditional coffee espresso drink that’s perfectly foamy and flavorful. For a sweet and refreshing treat, indulge in a cup of Gelatocchino, a unique creation that blends your favorite gelato flavor and coffee in one serving. Whatever coffee you choose, Casa Italia is sure to fire-up your love for the smooth and aromatic flavors of genuine Italian coffee. 4half2

From honest ingredients comes the goodness of authentic Italian gelato with Casa Italia’s selection of handcrafted premium gelato treats. Aficionados can satisfy every craving with over 40 all-natural flavors to choose from, including Dark Truffle, Pistachio, and classic Vanilla. End the day with big servings of tangy sorbets, or enjoy liquor-infused gelato creations that pack that much-needed kick of flavor.

Ingredients are imported with high quality. Chef even mentioned to me that the vanilla even came from Madagascar. 5 8 23

With every batch made using fresh ingredients and real fruits, Casa Italia delivers a gelato experience that is consistently rich, comforting and is truly worth coming home to. 29half3

After trying out several flavors, here is my personal favorite….

The Earl Grey Tea is a must try…. 31 1

Selfie-ing with the very accommodating crew. 27 32Now let’s try some Italian food. Built on a passion to create good food, Casa Italia offers time-tested Italian cuisine with a menu of savory meals and baked treats. Savor freshly made Italian favorites like their Roast Chicken with Potatoes, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, or Fish with Siciliana Sauce. Enjoy delicious slices of traditional pizza flavors, from Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Vegetarian and Capricciosa—all decked with the freshest and finest ingredients. Make gatherings more memorable with servings of fresh pasta, from Bolognese, Gamberreti, Carbonara to the classic Lasagna.

Believe me I tried it everything…. and its oh so goooooddddd!

Bolognese… 41

Roast Chicken…. 42

Fish Sicilliana Sauce…. 46

Carbonara…. 43

Vegetarian Lasagna….  44

Meatballs… 45

Spaghetti with prawns, well i didn’t try this coz I’m allergic hehehe 47

Food-lovers can also have their fill of the freshest baked goodies at Casa Italia’s very own bakery, from waffles, muffins, cakes, focaccia, paninis to the much-loved croissant. To complement the delicious food, Casa Italia offers Italian wines and an assortment of cocktails. 24 7 6 25 33

Completing the gastronomic experience is Casa Italia’s fast-casual dining setting filled with old world charm. A modern day interpretation of the traditional Italian bar, Casa Italia welcomes diners with vibrant furnishings one can find in a traditional Italian home. With every furniture designed and made in Italy, Casa Italia’s inviting environment creates a cozy space where friends and diners can feel truly at home as they enjoy Casa Italia’s signature dishes.half4 16 18

I’m enjoying so much taking photos of myself here, as I also have an interest with quality furnitures especially when it’s from Italy.

“Casa Italia is truly a home that brings to life the passion and tradition of Italian cuisine,” said Casa Italia founder Philippo Hardegger. “This time, we welcome Filipinos to find a second home in Casa Italia, and encourage them to sit back and relax as they experience the finest food and drink that Italy has to offer.”half 13

Now this is the great coffee experience….

With its selection of authentic Italian creations, Casa Italia showcases the kind of Italian cooking that rarely finds its way in Philippine shores. Together with a charming ambience, diners will surely find passion and comfort in the metro’s newest home of real Italian cuisine.

And of course I wouldn’t leave this place with out having a photo opt with the master Italian Chef Donato, I had a great time listening to your passion. 54

So guys! What are you waiting for? come and experience authentic modern italian cuisine only here at Casa Italia as they will officially open their doors to serve you tomorrow, December 10. Located at Forbes town, Taguig. 51

Casa Italia uses the finest quality ingredients and traditional Italian cooking technique to create the best coffee, gelato and comfort food for an all-day casual dining in a modern Italian bar. Casa Italia was established in 2010 in Singapore and is a recipient of the 2013 Franchise License Association Singapores Promising Franchisor Award.

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