Crimson Resort and Spa: The Cebu Getaway

 46     Last weekend I had a getaway trip to Cebu with my family. Cebu has many great hotels and resorts, but one resort stood out, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan. I had never heard of this place, but while looking at their website and their impeccable reviews, I knew that this was where I wanted to bring my wife and kids.  What caught my eye was their gorgeous landscape and sandy white private beach. We were not disappointed when we saw this beautiful resort with our own eyes. Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan is located 20 minutes away from Mactan International Airport. It sits on a 6-hectare land that has 250 guestrooms and 40 villas, which comes with their own private plunge pool. If you don’t feel like being inside, you can either lounge by the big pool located at the center of the resort, or you can do different water activities on the beach. Get pampered in a serene and relaxing environment at the Aum Spa. End your day with a buffet meal at one of their four restaurants or have a drink by the beach. Their very friendly and accommodating staff will make sure you will have a pleasant and enjoyable stay, like we did.Now let me share to you our experience.  At the very front of the resort you will see this bridge. A very inviting view that will lead you to the main lobby.

Receiving area that is unique from the others. 34

We were told by the manager that Crimson is a Balinese inspired resort. As you can see from the architectural design of the place. 35

Let’s now go to our private pool villa. We were brought to our own villa through a golf cart.

Look at that bed! isn’t it inviting?

Loving where the tub is situated in the bathroom.

Look how spacious the bathroom is. In the mirror reflection you can see the tv on the wall. 10

Dipped right away in the private plunge pool with my son Maximus.
 32 4

A daily evening ritual dance to showcase some old tradition.
 6 11

Let us skip dinner and jump right in to the dessert.  7

It’s not obvious that I like sweets right. :) 8  9  12  13

The following day we had our breakfast buffet at Tempo, which is only for the Villa guests. It is located above the Saffron Cafe. 31

Went out for an early stroll to witness this amazing view of the beach. 15 44 45

Maximus (son) playing on the beach front with its fine sand.

Sunburned and hungry eating one of the complimentary appetizers of the Azure Beach Club.

Time to swim in the pool with the kids.  47

I love how they have 3 different pools for adults, bigger kids and the smaller kids. 17

The infinity pool for adults.

As parents we need our alone time or quality time with our spouse. The Crimzone is playroom where you can leave your kids while you can relax at the Aum Spa or sip on some cocktails during happy hour at the Azure Beach Club. 51

An imaginary playground. Something different and is safe for the smaller kids. 48

Relaxing view from the Score Sports Bar. They have billiard pool and karaoke for the singer at hearts. 38

Now it’s time to have some quality time with the wifey at the Azure Beach Club. 19

The overlooking view of the beach. 20  21

Time for some cocktails… The best-sellers Cebuano Punch and Beach club mojito.

Enjoying quality time with the wifey. 24

and for the main course, a 1200g Tomahawk Australian beef steak that comes in 3 unique sauces.

This gold thing is where they cook the finest Tandoori…
 26  27

Time to pick up the kids. Maximus had so much fun with the wonderful sitters. While our youngest was with the in-house nanny, who was also in Crimzone.

The picturesque view of the beach

A quick visit to the gym while the kids are still sleeping. 39

It is time to go home. We are sad to leave, but hope to be back soon.  36