Definitely “A mall like no other, our mall of choice” Century City Mall

 1 (1)  3 (1)     So one weekend I invited my friends to hang out with me in Century Mall. As I’ve been hearing great stuff about the place. From its wide range selections of dining place, world-class shopping, the cozy cinemas to the remarkable landscape and ambiance of the mall. Read more about my experience at Century Mall.     Our first stop… lunch, of all the many restaurants here like Banana Leaf, CaliBurger, California Pizza Kitchen, IHOP, Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, Mary Grace, Man Hann and a lot lot more, we decided to go for some Mediterranean food.

The Azzuro. Their food was by the way Delicious. 3

Okay, so it took me a few hours before i finished my shopping. Was able to buy stuff for my Dad’s birthday present and of course for my self from some of my favourite stores like Uniqlo, F&F, Call it Spring, Cotton On, books and magazines from Fully Booked and finally I was able to buy a new hair dryer from Watson’s. hahahaha

They also got 158 Designers’ Blvd. for your luxury needs, Bench Edited, Beyond the box, Digital Walker, Deminsione, Healthy Options, Nike, Oakley, True Value, Toys R Us, and many many more. 1

Next stop, Hole in the Wall. One of my favourite areas here in Century Mall. I like the idea of this place as they gather different food stores in one place, more like a fast food area but way way better, as the interior of this place is so awesome, well thought of, very homie. 7

They also got an outdoor area if you want a view or catch the sunset.  4  5  6
The place is so nice to miss out on some flatlay shoots.

And that’s  how I do my coffee shot on tables. Well our coffee was still warm after the shoot if you are gonna ask me. hahaha 10

I very much recommend this place if you and your friends are looking for a place to hang out. and if you are also into doing OOTD’s and flatlay shoots, this is also a nice place to do it. 13

Family friendly place, look at that girl posing for the camera.  16  17

Will again have to comeback for these food, looks delicious…. 18 8

That coffee is for me….

Now lets move over to another great place for hanging out. The 12 Monkeys, they serve drinks, good music and nice ambiance. 20  21

And to our last stop, we went to try and play at Mystery Manila. Okay, this is not your typical game place. What I love with this place is that you get to bond with your family or friends while solving a puzzle and being stuck inside a room. You are then given a time limit to finish the puzzle and if you are good in solving a puzzle, you might have a chance to be placed at the leaderboards. It was so much fun and I highly recommend that you try this out whit your friends or family. 22

We managed to solve the mystery. Good job to us or else we’ll be holding a different board that says Mystery Failed. Such a fun game….  23

Before playing you get to choose which puzzle to solve, they have several different puzzles and we chose the sinister sensorium, similar to the movie The Saw.  24

They offer the coziest and the most comfortable cinemas in town, a must for the movie fanatics. They also got a premiere cinema that has a high-end brown leather seats for your comfort, a fully digitized projection and top of the range Dolby 7.1 surround sound for your complete movie experience. Not to mention the free popcorn and drinks. Definitely my choice of cinema. 4 (1)We cap off the night on a very positive note. It was a great idea to hung out with my friends at Century Mall, I was able to get all the stuff that I needed, dine in with friends, had a nice chat over coffee, did some shoot and used our brains in solving a puzzle in just one place. Definitely a world-class shopping center

Century Mall is located along Kalayaan Ave. Makati City.