A Weekend in Sofitel

So as promised, here is our weekend stay at the Sofitel Hotel. We had a great timing with the typhoon arriving last weekend, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying our luxurious staycation at the hotel. To give you a brief background on how much I love Sofitel, around 3 years ago, I stayed here with my girlfriend (now wife) and my son Maximus. It was a very memorable time to me as it was the the time when I proposed to her and ask her if she would be my wife. Luckily I got a positive response of “OF COURSE”. Since then Sofitel has had a special place in my heart. And now we’re back and with another addition to the family Alexandros, my second son. So let me share to you our 5 star experience at the hotel.
 1As soon as we got there we were immediately escorted to the 10th floor to have our special registration at the Club Millesime. While waiting we were offered with beverages of our choice. I went out to the balcony and took a photo of the Makati view.

The moment we checked in, we went straight to the pool area because the kids wouldn’t stop crying because they want to go for a swim right away.



After a few hours of dipping and fun in the water, their lips turned violet and they were starting to chill, so it was time to get out of the pool and go back to our room.



After a while, we were brought some complimentary snacks of banana bread and apple juice, mind you it tasted great. :) 9

Sun has set and the wind started to blow. But it was time for us to get ready to attend the French Month of Sofitel.

Meet Master Chef Matthieu Garrel. Sofitel flew him in to do a presentation of French cuisine for the July French Month event.

 10 Here are some of his famous dishes from his restaurant in France. Foie Gras on pineapple tart tatin. This one has a great balance between soury and tasty.  11 Foie Gras, vegetables, clams 12 Truffled egg Raviole. Truffled food always taste excellent. 13

Chocolate Moelleux. Fantastic dessert. 15

Bacon Créme Brulee. Yum!

Bespoke Cocktail of Sofitel featuring Ciroc Rose De Matin that is served in all Sofitel F&B outlets.

Ciroc Rose De Matin combines the taste of Ciroc Vodka, with hints of red berries from the dry rose wine and citrus taste of fresh lemon juice, balanced with a touch of rose water, sugar and the effervescence of soda water. Tasty and strong.


Bloggers were also invited at the event. 16

Meet sir Dave Pimentel, a very accommodating and cool guy from the digital marketing department of Sofitel. He was the one taking good care of us. 17

Fortunate enough to have a photo shot with this friendly and funny master chef Matthieu Garrel. 19

Spiral 2 go, with the three ladies that welcomes you. 20

Spiral celebrating July French Month. 21

And the kids were still wide awake…. and energetic. 22

Checking some emails before heading to bed with the kids.

Oh I love waking up here with a great view and a cup of coffee. 28

Bonding with the kids before breakfast. As a parent, work starts the moment your kids are awake. Agree? hehehe 27

Club Millesime buffet area at the 10th floor. More exclusive and quiet than Spiral. 25
Bread has always been my favorite along with mixed butter. 24

My ideal choice… American breakfast.

My OOTD. 3

Waiting for the kids at the pool area while enjoying the view.

This was the look my son Maximus gave when I asked him to smile for the camera.

Mommy duties…

That smile is so priceless. Simple happiness. 6Another reason why I love Sofitel. It’s a very family-friendly hotel.

While the kids were taking a nap, i took the opportunity to go to the gym and had a very quick exercise.

Spacious gym and complete machine that is ideal to active people that are checked in at the hotel.
 30 31 One of the amenities that a parent like me would love here is the Kids Tent. You can leave your kids here, it’s like a daycare. There are plenty of toys, activities like baking, etc. and don’t worry their are people who look after your kids. You also get a complimentary of one hour if you are staying in the hotel. Nice! Now you have time to do other stuff like…. 33  34 38

Working…. 29

And have a quality time with your wife….

This time we ate at another restaurant in the hotel. La Veranda, an extension of the Spiral. A different feel with a view of the pool area. 36  35

We had an amazing time staying at Sofitel last weekend. Even though it was raining we were still able to mange to have fun. Why not, there are so many things to do at the hotel. What I showed you was only the places that we were able to use, and it was only a portion of the entire hotel. Some of the other places there are tennis court, casino, spa, bar with live bands, nail spa, salon, etc. I can’t wait to come back here and stay a little longer next time. But for now it’s time to go back home. It’s always amazing when I’m staying in Sofitel, especially if you have kids. I have once again been pampered by a 5 star hotel experience. Until next time. Bye.