Giving Back Anniversary

 3Okay, so as The Filo Dapper celebrates its First Anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the love and support that you have shared and given me on my first year. In return i’ll be giving away some cool stuff to 8 of my lucky readers and fans. It has been a great run for me and i’m willing to keep this going and continue to inspire all of you through my own style. I hope that you will continue to support me in these coming years. Let’s keep this rolling. Now it’s time for you to win some stuff… Here are the mechanics:

  1. Subscribe to my blog site
  2. comment below by sharing your insight on why you like to follow and be updated by The Filo Dapper.
  3. share your ideas by suggesting or your thoughts on what else you want to see from The Filo Dapper. That’s it, easy as 1,2,3.

P.S. please include your your shoe size, shirt size and contact details incase you win.

Prizes are random and will be a surprise.

I will choose the winner basing on your comments so make it fun and awesome!

Again, I’ll be giving away 8 prizes so that many readers and fans can win. Enjoy and thank you so much.

  • Leon Russel

    I like to follow and be updated by The Filo Dapper because it gives me a lot of ideas on how to dress smart and stylish both at work and casual days. It also gives individuals like me an opportunity to express ourselves by wearing clothes that suit my personality. I would like to see more of how to’s and video tutorials on day to day activities for men such as hairstyling, grooming and others.

    If I win, here are my sizes :) :
    Shoe – 8
    Shirt – Small

  • jordan macadaeg

    Your the only Pinoy who has like this page. Its awesome to have an own
    identity in dressing as a Pinoy. You an inspiration. I wanna be you. Uh I mean i
    wanna be dressed like you.Even just for a day. Hahaha My shoe size is
    11 shirt is large. :)

  • Glenn Wilfred

    The Filo Dapper blog, in my humble opinion, is very informative. It provides ideas on latest trends and cool finds about shoes, clothes, new time pieces or new places to dine and/or explore. The Blog has interesting articles not just focusing on how to dress well but also has features on places or countries that you may want to visit soon.

    In the future, I hope to see more about how you can dress up on a low budget. I wanted to learn on how to dress up well on every occassion, may it be at work, friday gimmick or during lazy sunday afternoon without spending too much. Also, tips about grooming would be great.

    If I win, my shoe size is 9, shirt size is small and you can reach me thru this email:

    Happy Anniversary!! 🎉

  • Jṏṟdảṅ Oṟdiṅảṟio Mảḉảdảeḡ

    Your the only Pinoy who has like this page. Its awesome to have an own
    identity in dressing as a Pinoy. You an inspiration. I wanna be you. Uh I mean i
    wanna be dressed like you.Even just for a day. Hahaha My shoe size is
    11 shirt is large. :)

  • Joram Palameña

    I heard about your blog from a friend and followed you in IG. Learning how to appropriately dress got my attention. Your variety of ideas helped in wisely choosing the what, when,and how to wear.

    Please continue on what your doing because it really helps a lot for men like me to find their own identity on the way they dress.

    Shoe – 8
    Shirt – Medium

  • Gaudencio Danao III

    Nobody dresses like a gentleman anymore.
    The Filo Dapper teaches boys to dress like men; and teach men to act like gentlemen.

    I’m really looking forward to more collaborations with other Filipino designers like Rajo Laurel, Michael Cinco or Pitoy Moreno.

    I love you. And your blog too. Please don’t judge me.

    My shoe size is 9.5 US/43 UK, shirt size is medium INT.

  • Kfggsfz Evangelista

    1. Subscribed and Bon Anniversaire!!!

    2. I like reading your blog (and follow you on Instagram and FB) because you feature great clothes and styles (but not over the top) that I think can be worn in the Philippines.

    3. I don’t know know what to suggest, but, I guess, rather surprise us your readers, like that Modern Kimono you featured on your IG a few weeks ago (I like it a lot that I ordered one from Outkast Paradigm).
    I have always been on the look out for great clothes that have unusual style or details.

    Shoe Size: 8
    Shirt Size: Small

  • Tzu Li

    I followed The Filo Dapper firstly because of the well-thought, catchy, witty & very patriotic name. Second, because AJ is one of my idols. And third, whenever there’s an event that I have to go to, this is where my window shopping starts :) The Filo Dapper is the best place to check out the latest fashion trends100% pinoys and pinoys at heart can refer to.

    Hopefully, I can see you AJ collaborate with other men and women bloggers in the future to show diversity. I’m sure you will inspire more people by doing that :)

    In case I win (crossing my fingers) my shoe size is 11, shirt size is medium, and e-mail is Intagram @julisaqui.

    Happy anniversary and more years to come AJ and The Filo Dapper!

  • Ricardo Yburan Sayo

    @filodapper have rekindled the art of dressing up and brought fresh fashion insights through this blog. he accepts positive and negative feedbacks from subscribers and is always brave to wear different type of clothes. @filodapper critique the different ways of dressing up much to my delight.

    i would love to see though more brands which are available via online. like im from dubai and im not quite sure if the bags thats on your blog is available here too.

    keep the filial love alive! i luv #deebrothers

    my shoe size is 7=39/40
    i will always go for S for shirts

  • Cody Cabalda

    It feels like i’m travelling back in time. It gives me nostalgia when i look or scroll past through your feed. I’ve always adored the classy, simple and clean look. That being said is the reason why i wanted to be updated to The Filo Dapper.

    I would love to see you giving ideas or something like:
    A photo collage of something you wear (and i would like to know what brand of clothing or accessories you wear), giving tips about grooming, fitness and life.

    A true inspiration for the modern day gentleman.

    Happy Anniversary, stay classy.

    “Manners maketh men”

    Here are my contact details
    Twitter & Instagram: @codycabalda
    Size: 9 US (sometimes i wear a size 8.5 shoe size depending on what shoe)
    Small (for shirt sizes)

  • JDZ

    As they say, fashion fades but style is eternal. And based on the posts of the FIlo Dapper during the first year of the his blog, he’s gots the style ;) Simple, chic and wearable – his ensembles are breath of fresh air every morning as I check if there are new posts. So of course, I follow the blog (not to mention, I’m a big TV Idol AJ Dee fan hihihihi)

    Suggestions for the blog: a look for less-ish entry every month, continue updating the partner youtube account, and probably more on-location shoots =)

    cheers! more years to come! truly… ur d man!

    shoe – 10, shirt – large

  • Mark Calvin Tan

    I follow the filo dapper because your style is much bolder than most.
    I follow a lot of men’s wear bloggers like blake scott and onedapperstreet, and I find your looks more refreshing, mainly because you really like to play with different kinds of prints and patterns.
    Among all the people I follow, you’re probably the only one who often adds a hat to complete the look.

    And probably the most important thing is you always reply to inquiries or comments on IG.

    A few things i’d like to see from your blog.
    1. A guide on essential things to pack when travelling. Maybe 1 for colder countries and 1 for tropical countries?
    2. How to maintain shoes/suits and etc. I think this is very important.
    3. More hats :)

    Shoe size is
    Dress shoe/loafer = 8-8.5
    Sneakers – 9.5
    Shirt – Medium

  • JoJo

    I like The Filo Dapper because it is a blog for Filipinos by a Filipino. You can definitely identify and relate to every article, especially on fashion. It makes you proud that aside from foreign brands that we are used to, there are still some Filipino craftsmen that sells and creates quality goods and you actually wear them.

    I would definitely like to see more Filipino brand support and maybe you could do something like a fashion 101 or S.O.S. wherein you can give advice for fashion clueless guys (like me) or maybe do a make-over for one of your (helluva) lucky subscriber once in a while when your time permits. :)

    If I win, my shoe size is 9. Shirt size is L. My email is

    Congratulations, The Filo Dapper!

  • Josh Isidera

    Classy, dapper, gentleman, professional that are some of the reasons why I follow The Filo Dapper. His posts on Instagram are so perfect and the caption is really relevant, sometimes I could relate, sometimes I use it as my today’s motivation. Compare to other bloggers/ influencers, The Filo Dapper is really different. Most bloggers today styled themselves like a hipster with a shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. But The Filo Dapper has its own style, suit and tie and classy casual shoes. Dang! The perfect formula to dress well, showing good manners plus it is really classy.

    I actually want to dress up like him. It looks like you don’t have to introduce yourself that you’re that kind of guy your outfit speak up for yourself. Imagine if all guys dresses like him everyone looks respectful. Guys, be like The Filo Dapper!

    If I win (crossed fingers) my shoe size is 8, shirt – S. My email is

    Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary The Filo Dapper!

  • Josh Isidera

    Classy, dapper, gentleman, professional that are some of the reasons why I follow The Filo Dapper. His posts on Instagram are so perfect and the caption is really relevant, sometimes I could relate, sometimes I use it as my today’s motivation. Compare to other bloggers/ influencers, The Filo Dapper is really different. Most bloggers today styled themselves like a hipster with a shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. But The Filo Dapper has its own style, suit and tie and classy casual shoes. Dang! The perfect formula to dress well, showing good manners plus it is really classy.

    I actually want to dress up like him. It looks like you don’t have to introduce yourself that you’re that kind of guy your outfit speak up for yourself. Imagine if all guys dresses like him everyone looks respectful. Guys, be like The Filo Dapper!

    If I win (crossed fingers) my shoe size is 8, shirt – S. My email is

    Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary The Filo Dapper!

  • Christopher Ryan Isidro Adalem

    Happy Anniversary Mr. Dee!

    When I first started following you
    as a fashion blogger, I was struck by your tagline in Instagram which
    said “WEAR TO EXPRESS”. I realized how applicable it was for everyone
    (famous fashion blogger ka man o hindi) because dressing-up isn’t just a
    tool for peacocking and collecting likes/followers/fans: people do it
    because it makes them feel good! :) We should therefore WEAR TO EXPRESS
    and not just WEAR TO IMPRESS!

    Fashion is an art form, our bodies
    are the medium, and you sir, are our maestro! I always keep myself
    updated with your feed and your blog because you make “being dapper”
    accessible to your fellow Filipinos. You don’t make EVERYTHING about
    suits/knits/blazers/items ill-suited to our tropical climate (although
    you also give us a fair dose of those). You show us how to rock a plain
    tee and chino shorts just as you would a 3-piece navy suit. I also like
    your travel posts to other countries and local hot spots so I can add
    them to my bucket list. :)

    I think giving your readers more budget-friendly options might be a good idea. :) Also, featuring more local brands in your posts would be a good way to expose people to more than just the
    H&Ms, UNIQLOs, and other fast-fashion companies out there. Our
    designers need all the publicity they can get if they want to start
    making a bigger mark in the fashion industry. :)

    Thank you sir and more power to you!

    My shirt-size is S (for slim fit shirts) or XS (for non-slim fit ones)
    My shoe-size is 8
    My e-mail address is

  • John M. Rosas

    YOU, the total definition of fashion blogger NEVER failed to brighten up and give inspiration to those follower in which you honed their dream to be like you.., like ME :-) Kudos for upcoming fashion tips that will serve as paradigm of AJ Dee as Filipino fashion enthusiast bound to be known globally! Hear me :-) My shoesize is 7, and my shirtsize is S!!! Cheers :-)

  • Michael Ben Gabriel

    1. Just followed your blog site recently actually nauna yung pag follow ko sayo sa instagram at constantly ko siyang minomonitor (stalker lang haha) at medyo stupid lang di ko napansin yung link sa bio mo😊😊

    2. Why i like to follow or to be updated by your blog? First time ko mag ka interest sa isang fashion blog at kinakabahan ako while doing this comment LOL! So pag pasensyahan mo na filo dapper.

    Marami akong natutunan na bago pagdating sa pananamit everytime na chinicheck ko yung mga blogs mo.
    Kung papano ba babagay ung isang accessory sa total outfit mo at paano ba isuot ng tama ang isang damit para bumagay sayo. (And iniimagine ko how do i look kung ako may suot ng mga outfits mo hehe.) Mix and match ba.. di kasi ako marunong at nang ma update na rin ako sa mga trends about being a dapper (new to this dapper thing). Nakakakuha din ako ng alternatives kung saan bibili ng clothes mura man o mahal. Hindi yung puro sa isa or dalawa na shop lang pumupunta. And ma update yung mga damit ko at mag upgrade pati itsura ko 😊😊 lol.

    3. Siguro kung pwede, maglagay ka ng price range sa mga outfits, shoes and others nakaka curious kasi for us reading your posts. And if you can give us advice about sa body type or body built ba , yung babagay bang damit sa mga small, large size people, syempre dapat dapper look parin 😊.

    Happy Anniversary The Filo Dapper. Mr. AJ Dee

    [Following your blog is both an honor and a responsibility. Please show us filipinos.. the universe rather how to look good and feel good. Ginaya lang si Pia haha 😁😁😊😂]. Pero seriously,
    Good job man!! And please dont stop inspiring us with your style. Manalo man o matalo. I will support you and your love for fashion.

    Shoe size: 9 US
    Shirt size: Small

  • Kenneth Tan

    I’m disconnected to blogging lately to my hectic schedule at work and family problem. I just got back from my recent travel in Macau and Hong Kong to unwind and look to boost my confidence. My cousin who was with me during my stay in Macau was give feedback that my fashion sense was depreciated. He use to be my fan in wearing clothes and all. I visit nuffnang once in a while to check the chosen blogger. I am looking forward for more tips and how to dress like you. You wear clothes sophistication. I hope you can also include tips how to be thrifty yet still in fashion. Also how do you take care of your skin or beauty regimen. I don’t see any pimples on your photos. Shoe Size: Size 7 1/2 Shirt Size: Medium Email:

  • charles chua

    done subscribing here and liked your FLD FB page and also IG..would love to see latest trends on mens fashion and also the upcoming sales, promos, events will also be a nice addition for the blog, and maybe u can also feature latest trends for a more budget conscious gents (like me) because lets face it,not all can afford with all the dapper look you promote-just saying. :-) Power ON~~
    shoes size 8.5 US shirt size : medium fit

  • Vince Villarante

    First and foremost, Happy Anniversary Filo Dapper! Thanks for a year of giving us some insights on how to dress sharply and expressively.

    I first saw the “The Filo Dapper” on IG and I immediately got hook into reading more and more of your blogs. It’s very educational and an eye opener. I’ve read some pointers on how to dress casually yet classy on your blogs which I definitely dig. I love the article “All Black For Casio” because it’s very informative and covers one of my casual favorite watches.

    The content that I wanna look forward to is the fitness section, as for my self my built isnt very pleasing as I suffer from man boobs lol (It runs in the family, and I’m perfectly fit) I wanna learn some workouts to improve physique stature maybe get a help from a friend or someone and ask them for advice and maybe ask them what to wear with this type of bodies. I’ve been insecure about this but I know we a bit of information and morale boost I can dress as sharp as your blogs

    If I ever win my sizes would be
    Shoes: 9
    Shirt: Medium


    Thank you! More years of success to come.

  • Jeffrey Guillermo

    Happy 1st Anniversary to The FILO DAPPER – a year of giving us inspiration, style and photos that are delighted to our eyes. Actually avid fan mo ako. i started following your FB post and instagram post last MAY , I remember the first time I saw you with blogger’s united with David Guison,kiko Cagayat and Paul Ramos. the best thing about your post and the ting i am always looking forward to is the Dapper SHOES.(maybe because I only have a few pairs) I think aside from black tuxedo SHOE is the best accessory of a true and styled gentleman.
    I am looking forward to see more , more and more shoes from boots, to leather, espadrilles,black, brown double monk straps, workout shoes.. Everything haha!!!
    Stay humble and keep posting and inspires us. thank you so much And More power #ajdee

    SHOE: size 6
    SHIRT : XS or small

  • Patrick Dwight

    Hey TheFiloDapper! Happy 1st anniversary! I’ve only just started following you on instagram just before 2015 ends. And as of that, it gave me ideas on how to dress nicely and to discover more about myself. You are one of the best influencers I’ve seen, hands down! Definitely be looking forward for the next year/s to come! “Wear to Express” helped me gain more confidence on how i dress, not minding what others think but instead showing off how i want them to see me as. It may sound stupid but hey worth a try :) i suggest trying out/promoting affordable yet classy and dapper brands. I don’t have any brands to give out but you might be the one to help us :) once again CONGRATULATIONS for an amazing year!

    Shoe size: US11
    Shirt size: Large
    Contact info:

  • Ray Jesper Pagtanac

    Happy Anniversary The Filo Dapper!

    Hi Sir AJ! I’ve always been a fan of your style ever since I first saw you on Instagram. You dress so well that you inspire others just like me. I’ve always loved fashion because it gives confidence to people and it’s a good thing. I especially love seeing you in suits! The looks you pull off are well put together: very nice fit, good proportions, amazing shoes, proper accessories and you’re not afraid of color. The combinations totally work! You uplift and place a huge influence on menswear and men’s fashion in the country.

    I can see that you are passionate with what you are doing and I believe you will reach great lengths because of that. I hope we get to see more travel pictures next year! :) Btw, I cheered for you when you were awarded as one of the Mega Man Magazine x H&M Men of Style last year! Congratulations again for that! I hope you will have more recognitions this year because you are good at what you’re doing. That’s a fact.

    All the best,


    Shirt Size: Medium
    Shoe Size: 8.5

  • Renz Jethro Manzanares Ortega

    Happy Anniversary the Filo Dapper! Congratulations for your success :)

    Simple yet fashionable. Sophisticated styles within my reach. Your blog really helped me in guiding my wardrobe. When it comes to color and pattern mix and match, you’re a genius. No meed for too expensive clothes to look prestigious, you get to learn stylish clothes which are budget friendly with brands you are endorsing. This is what I like most from your blog, you teach your reader to dress stylish and smartly which is affordable to every class of men out there.

    I hoe to see more local brands and proudly Filipino clothes and other stuffs to be endorsed by you.

    Thank you and God bless! More power to you and your blog!

    Shoe size: 11.5 US
    Shirt size: XL

  • Arvin Cansanay

    What i like about most in following your blog and your instagram page ‘thefilodapper’ is that your style is unique and fresh always. It is also versatile and i especially love the way you pick the design of the clothes and accessories to suit your personal taste. It is very inspiring that i look forward to trying to match even just one of your blog/ig post.

    I really would like to see more collaborations with Filipino designers and local brands that showcases our own distinct style inherent to our culture. It would be a great platform for our local talents as your page reaches out to people around the world.

    Congratulations on your first anniversary and more power as you continue to inspire your followers and influence them that it is really not too hard to be a filo dapper themselves. God bless!

    Shoe size: 9
    Shirt size: Medium
    Email address:

  • Froilan Dave Tumpang

    Happy anniversary the filodapper, sir AJ!

    This is one of my favorite blog. From casual look to formal and even both, you amaze me from the color combination, to the fittings and to the style suggestions. Even accesories are good. And the shoes that you include in your style are great. Also simplicity in style.

    I just suggest that if ever, you should cater yhe local brands here in the country. And should include also the cheap but goodies here in the country. I know that to have style, you must invest, but some brands are just overrated. Well its just suggestion.

    Well my shoe size is 11 and my shirt size is Large.

  • Austin Caralian

    @thefilodapper #givingbackanniversary

    1. Already subscribed your blog site. I’m an avid follower of @thefilodapper on IG since last year.
    2. Regarding my insights on your art and fashion blog, I really loved how you express what you love and extending it to us by giving inspiration to people that is in love and has passion of art and fashion.
    I’m a person that expresses creativity through designs like showing stuffs that can catch other people’s eyes. Your blog gives me ideas how to manage my style, what to add on my style and it gives alternative things that will improve it. I like the idea that you features your style in really great and beautiful places that I have never been. It’s like I’m there too.At my age right now, 22, I’m not that so fashionable on what I am wearing. I’m just asking my little brother on how should I style. Together with your blog it really helps me to engage in new styles, different choices and to be confident with it.
    3. I want to see you in person. I would like to suggest you to have interactions with your followers by giving them advises in for fashion and art in person. I am looking forward to see more on foods, places and stuffs that shows the Philippine art and culture.

    Congratulations on your First Anniversary!

    Contact Details:
    Austin Caralian
    E-mail address:
    Instagram: @austincaralian
    Shoe size: 9
    Shirt size: Small

  • Nilo Sabillo

    He really inspires me a lot and gives motivation to all of us especially to the youth. To express everything through wearing something great and not just to impress other people. I’m really an avid fan of The Filo Dapper since I saw him on GGV dressed really like a gentleman – what do you called that? A very dapper one!
    Since then, I told myself to wear properly, to think cleverly and be creative to ourselves. Indeed he is a very sophisticated man and worth to follow! 👍🏻

    Truly inspirational! ✨

    I want to see The Filo Dapper to achieve all the dreams he have in his life, to conquer the Men’s Fashion Industry. But really, I just want to see him a very successful one not just only to fashion but with his entire life and career. Everything else, I will be proud of him, idolizing him and be one like him – to be really a great gentleman, a classy and a dapper one. 🙌🏻

    P.S. Kahit hindi na ako manalo, makita ko lang sya at makapag-usap or picture, ok na sa akin yon. Maybe, seeing your idol is really an Awesome Experience and nothing will beat that one.

    But in case, 9.5 US/43 UK, shirt size is Small INT.

    May the best man win. 🙏🏻

  • Christian Calma

    We live in a modern world where everything is accessible with just click of a hand. Starting a blog is easy, but what makes it distinct is never cinch. What I love about your blog is that it puts subjects that can help your readers generate new ideas. Your commitent and passion for constantly updating,adding depth and dimension with every posts that always inspires us. You always prioritize your readers by posting topics that are relatable and relevant. You let us realized that fashion is not all about style and also functionality and affordabilty. Whenever I’m reading your blog it unleashes the sleek, polished and dapper look in me. Your blog shows off our individuality that directly influences our confidence and self esteem that’s the reason why it stands out.

    Hopefully, you can showcase the designs and creations of our globally competitive Filipino designers and do a collaboration.

    Shoe size: 9
    Shirt size: Medium
    Contact details:

  • robert delos santos

    Lately, I saw AJ’s posts on Instagram. I wondered what’s with his IG. Then, I found it awesome and followed him.

    All I want is to be updated with AJ’s unique and authentic style. The clothes he wear, accesorries, shoes and everything.

  • Paul Anthony A. Estares

    As a student,saving for fancy clothes is quite arduous considering all the expenses on stuff that i have to prioritize. However, your blog posts satisfy the dapper side of me. Basically, it ignites the inner creativity of me because of the fashion ideas that you feature in your blog. It keeps me on trend even though i don’t wear it myself.

    shirt: L

  • Jessie Landicho

    Why follow The Filo Dapper?

    First, he is a Filo. Love your own. This is a way of support to our kababayan who in one way or another influences positively and make a name not only locally but also internationally. His influence goes not only to Filipinos but to other nationalities as well, with pride and honor in bringing the Philippines everywhere he goes.

    Second, it is inspiring for me to strive and gain more confidence about myself. Though being contented with what I have, it is nice to realize that there is always some room for improvement in the way I dress and the way I carry myself and how I present myself to other people.

    Lastly, trend setting at its best. He must have been successful in being an online influencer. There are always good ideas shared here which pushes me to think out of the box, have self evaluation and experiment in fashion.

    Wanting more..

    A suggestion is to see more of the body health and fitness features. Being a dapper is evident in the appearance and maintaining your body shape and health plays a great role in being a dapper.

    More power to The Filo Dapper!

    Shoes: US 8.5
    Shirt: Medium

  • rodelflordeliz

    Sali! Abot pa ba?