Wired in

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Photography by Larry Medenilla 

I’m Wearing: Shirt by ZARA MAN, Trousers by ZARA MAN, Belt by ZARA MAN, Loafer by GAKUYA by KIM GAN, Watch by TW STEEL, Sunglasses by SELIMA OPTIQUE, Signet Ring by TOM WOOD, iPhone Casing by VERUS, Bracelet by ROX

On the first day back at the office after a long break, work is usually piled up and you are most likely on your phone the entire time. Our phones are prone to damages like scratches, and worse, there are cases that you drop it and it breaks. No choice but say bye to your most important tool for work. But I’m worry-free, thanks to my sleek and stylish Iron Shield iPhone casing from Verus. It has a 100% whole aluminium frame with an anti-shock softcore. And a luxurious matte finished frame with cold metal touch.

This year, the blue and green tandem is in. So for today’s work, I wore a blue shirt, matched it with a mint green coloured trousers, and finished it with a unique designed loafer that has a blue stripe on top from GAKUYA. It is proudly designed by Kim Gan, a fashion designer who is famous for her intricate handwoven designs. So remember the blues and greens, and always look dapper this 2015! :)