White Summer Casual Suit

 1Hi everyone, I’m back! and let’s all welcome the month of April with full of positivity and good vibes. Starting the month with a clean and fresh looking casual suit that I asked my good friend/designer to make me. and I would like to share to you some ideas on how to be able to wear suits even during summer.

Alright so i’m pretty sure you know that I love wearing suits and just to give you some fun fact, i have around 40 blazers and i’m starting to have a problem on where I should hang it. But of course a normal person can have around 3 suits, these are the suits the you must have, a black suit for more formal or evening events, a navy suit which is versatile that you can wear from day to night, and a casual jacket which you can wear during day time and it’s less formal.

So I got a designer friend who loves to make suits for me, his name is Ryan UsonIn case you are planning to have a tailored suit I suggest you contact him. So going back to my casual jacket, I asked him if he could make me a white casual suit that is wearable during summer to show you guys that wearing a suit is fine even during day time. Always remember that fabric is the most important when getting a suit, know if it’s for cold or hot season. The fabric that are wearable during hot seasons are linen, seersucker, cool wool or cotton, while for colder seasons we have the wool, tweeds and etc. Then you also have to consider the color of the suit, if it’s for summer you better opt for light or pastel coloured suits so that it won’t attract much heat from the sun. Then you can mix and match different colors of the jacket to its trousers like what we did here. So those are some of the tips you have to remember when owning a suit. Till next time. Let me know too if you have questions and I would be glad to answer it for you.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Stay positive. 3  4  5  7  8  9  11  12  13  14

Photography by JB Deleon

Wearing: Suit by Ryan Uson, Shirt by Giordano, Tie by OTAA, Bracelet by Homura, Watch by Rolex, Sneakers by Straight Forward, Sunglasses by RaenPocket Squares by H&M