Weekend at the WTC

 1 (1)Photography by Vina Guerero

     Wearing: Polo by Perry Ellis, Pants by CPS, Sneakers by Converse, Bracelets by Armour Paracord

It is again a weekend of bazaar, luckily I was still able to join the Trendsetter Bazaar. I usually have fun every time I go to bazaars, a lot of freebies, I get to meet my followers and I get to know new local online sellers. and yesterday was extra fun coz I got to hang out with my friends from the blogging industry. Kat and Vina and because of that I was lucky to have someone to shoot me. Thanks Vina! Good job.

Well anyway I decided to wear something casual and extra comfy. I mixed light shades of blue and grey tones to have that look of subtleness. I would consider it as basics, but I was still able to play around with prints. From my Perry Ellis polo to my newly designed Jack Purcell from Converse. It’s always nice to play around with prints but it has to be in good balance. Something that is not irritating to your eyes.

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