Vintage Look with River Island

 4Being a dapper and dressing on point has been my style ever since I started my menswear blog. Now here is a classic twist I did for River Island.

River Island is known for its street wear collection, but being the more classic or old fashioned guy when it comes to choosing my outfits, I picked the clothes that best represents the filo dapper. I want to share here that River Island has a wide range of looks. May you be the casual type of guy or fashionable with the edgy street wear or a dapper guy like me who likes to dress at their best all the time.

Classic pieces is what I went for choosing my outfit and most of the time I go for the neutral colored clothes. For so many reasons like it’s easy to be paired with, it’s also nice to look at, it’s timeless and it’s safe. Here is an example to what i’m saying, a gray pull over, brownish gray pants. (by the way I like the look of this pants coz it gives your outfit a vintage feel), that pattern is called “Glen Plaid”. Then mixed it with a brown vintage looking wingtips and a black hat. Oh I enjoy matching black and browns to my outfit.

A casual look yet dapper and on point.

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Photography by Mikyle Quizon

Wearing: Pull over by River Island, Trousers by River Island, Hat by River Island, Bag by Pedro, Wingtip by Pedro, Socks by TopmanWatch by Daniel Wellington