Vibrant Hue • Burton Menswear


Hi everyone, It’s the last day of the week once again and I hope you had a good run of the month. Here is a little insight on where you can wear or play around with the color of your suit. Let’s give way to this royal blue colored suit from Burton Menswear

Most of us know that blue is the most commonly used color for men, it’s like the go-to color for mens clothing. But when it comes to suits, navy is more predominant, for the obvious reason that it looks smarter and more formal for its dark color which is closer to the black. However, the royal blue gives a nice alternative to it, giving a more vibrant hue to the usual dark shade of blue. Now embracing it will depends highly on your personality and environment, whether you’re the type of man who likes to play around with bold colors or just simply taking a break on the stereotyped navy colored suit. How you mix and match is up to you, though I like mixing it with lighter shades of threads. You can also do vice versa depending on which part of your wardrobe you want to emphasise more.

So there you go, now enjoy the last day of September and welcome October with a much vibrant attitude. 2 4 6 7 9 101314 15 16


Photography by Olga Dee

Wearing: Suit by Burton Menswear, Shirt by Perry Ellis, Neck Tie by Burton Menswear, Pocket Square by Eton, Brogue Shoes by Aldo, Sunglasses by Komono, Hat by JJ Hat Centre, Watch by ArsenalSocks by HappySocks