Times Square

Hallo everyone! Sorry again for not being able to do a post regularly. When your out of the country, things are normally faster, seems like time is always in a hurry. The days have been going so fast, and now I’m out of New York and just got here earlier today in Chicago, just like that.  After settling down in our hotel, ate dinner and passed by Walmart, now at my desk and finally back to work.

Before I left the Philippines I had a meeting with Tiño suits. A store who does bespoke suits in the Philippines. Bespoke has been a widely used term in the suit industry. Bespoke is a made to individual order, custom-made. and there is a big difference between a bespoke suit and a made to measure suit. I can’t wait to show and explain it to you in a more detailed manner next time, but for now i’m just so glad that i’m doing a collaboration with them and letting me have these amazing suits for my U.S. trip.

So here it is. The Filo dapper in Times Square….


Photography by Olga Dee

     I’m Wearing: Suit by Tiño Suit, Pull over shirt by Banana Republic, Button-down shirt by H&M, Knitted Tie by H&M, Lapel by OTAA, Pocket Squares by OTAA, Double Monk strap by Magnanni, Sunglasses by Selima Optique, Envelope Bag by Dries Van Noten


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