The Tourist

 8 When in other country the first thing we usually do is visit tourist spots and most of the time you walk a lot which is also a good way to burn that calories off. Follow me as I go around Ho Chi Minh while I monitor my steps and calorie burn using my Huawei Smartwatch 

Top of our lists to visit whenever we travel are usually temples and museums, shopping surprisingly goes last.
 2I always offer a prayer and light some incense whenever i’m in a temple, in this case I have to write my name and birthdate.
 5A very peculiar kind of incense. interesting right. 7 6 and there goes my prayer and incense, hanging at the ceiling along with the others. 3  4 gotta try this famous Cyclo here in Vietnam.
 9 Then we went to the famous War Remnants Museum. 10 13A 3-storey building full of photographs and war remnants. 11 14  12 going down the stairs and these caught my attention…
 15  1 16  17  18  19 and suddenly it was 6 p.m. and they’re asking us to leave as they’re closing already. 21  22 stopped at a nearby coffee shop for a break. 23 and so after going around few places, my Huawei smartwatch says I had a 6,186 steps and burned 285 calories. Not bad!
 26 whats cool about this Huawei Smartwatch is that it gives you a detailed measurement of your steps through your normal walk, run and uphill strides with its corresponding calorie burn. Very effective for those people who’s always on the move. It also has a way to measure if you have been lazy all day long and just staying still. It’s just one feature that I love from the Huawei Smartwatch apart from that is its stylish look, notifications from your favourite social media applications which is very important to me. You can also ask your watch different stuff like the weather, your schedule and so much more.

Photography by Ice Dee

Wearing: Pullover by Straight Forward, Jogger Pants by Cotton On, Sneakers by Puma from Sneakpeek, Hat by Brixton, Smartwatch by Hauwei, Tote Bag by Happy Socks, Wayfarers by Ray-Ban