The Sidewalk

     Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you had a great week even if it has been very hot these past few days, as hot as the support that you guys have been giving me. This small idea of starting a style blog has been going bigger and bigger because of all your support and trust, and I can’t thank you enough for that. you guys are my inspiration and as long as you’re there, i will continue to share good vibes in the manner of dressing up. So to you guys my avid readers, i want to hear your thoughts about the style or outfit that you want me to try on, and maybe we can do an experiment on that. Please leave a comment below so I could check it out. Thank you so much to all of you.

     So for this outfit, I just want to show you an option on how to look smart and casual at the same time when you are thinking of something to wear for work. A class and sleek polo shirt from Penguin, matched with a black skinny pants from H&M to have that smart look. Then I made twist of wearing a neon printed socks from Happysocks and a white patent shoes. This is one way for me on how to achieve that smart casual look. Alright guys… Have a blessed Sunday to all of you! 8

Photography by Ate Gemma

     I’m Wearing: Polo Shirt by Penguin, Pants by H&M, Shoes by John Sullivan, Socks by Happysocks, Watch by TW Steel, Bag by Zara, Belt by Zara 1 Hype my look here 2  3  4  5  6  7  9