The Showroom Holiday 2015 Presentation

 17Good day everyone. Let me take you to the event I went to last week at The Playground, Bench Tower. The Showroom, where Bench and the other brands like HerBench, BenchBody, Human and Kashieca showed their holiday 2015 collection. Check it out.

The moment you think menswear is boring is the moment you’re wrong.

For over two decades, Bench has continued to provide a plethora of clothing that do not compromise, but rather highlight individuality and one’s personal sense of style. From the classic white T-shirt to dapper dress shirts, Bench has what both on-trend teens and twenty-somethings need.

Inspired by hectic, energetic city life with a hint of laid-back luxury, Bench’s Holiday 2015 collection epitomises casual cool. It veers away from the conventional with unexpected elements like patterns and patchworks, giving the clothes that familiar basic yet stylishly bold look that the brand is known for.

Press refresh. bench Body offers an exciting range of undergarments this season ranging from decadent lingerie with embossed prints, studs, and the opulent layering of lace and intricate patterns, to much more controlled, streamlined, and detail-oriented pieces for that contemporary look.

Bench Body has always specialised in coalescent design where an off beat pattern is partnered off with traditional fabric. A clean, composed, structured bra is combined with kilter and unexpected twists to create a new norm.

Incorporating urban elements such as the cut and paste patterns of camouflage and graffiti, Bench Body underwear remains free from inhibition and the mash-up it constantly introduces keeps the brand hip and on the cusp of what is youthful.
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Following its menswear counterpart, HERBENCH stays fresh and fashion-forward with its Holiday 2015 collection. Taking its cues from the hustle and bustle of city streets and decadent glamour of punk rock, this injects some 80’s and 90’s influence into modern trends and tailoring. This fashion hybrid creates an offbeat, off-kilter look- one that straddles the line between classic and cool.

HER BENCH  Holiday 2015 collection perfectly captures the energy of the streets with bushy prints, statement shirts, and the fusion of feminine and masculine sensibilities, lending a tougher, more rebellious vibe to its pieces. The edgy and experimental tendencies of the college girl come alive as lace skirts get paired off with boyish bomber jackets and sweatshirts are matched with slacks and skirts. The collection tells the story of life in the fast lane. It’s daring, decadent and deviates from the norm.

Busting with urban attitude and collegiate charm, the HERBENCH Holiday 2015 collection is out to make a statement. So listen up!
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Human’s thrust of providing active, energetic and fashionable clothes and accessories for the price- sensitive Filipino youth has remained strong throughout the 16 years of its existence. Positive talk tees, eclectic patterns and the right amount of reimagine casual clothes are constant favourites that have been part of Human’s brand identity and core.

Holiday 2015 collection focuses in the dynamics of sports and street wear, the digital tribes and old world renaissance but still with that whimsical factor that Human has always been known for. Emojis being the central theme that ties it together creates that zany, unabashedly fun disposition which Human clothe showcase. Special prints, longer lengths, zipper slits and renewed interest in old school american sportswear elements are some introductions this season that bring out a new design direction.

Our love for denim whether it be washed, distressed or hued in different shades are part of our ever evolving denim story. Kicking it up a notch as well are footwear we offer like the-colored sandals, metallic pointed brogues and glow in the dark slip ons.

For that youngin’ whose aim is to always dress to express, Human has got you covered. Because normal is boring. 1  2 5  10

Sorry I missed out on the Kashieka brand. Now lets move on to my outfit. Chose to wear a sweatshirt over a button down shirt to have that Holiday look as well. I’m more in to the cleaner and preppy look with a color combination that gives a feeling of the holiday vibe.

Photography by Ronnie Salvacion

Wearing: Sweatshirt by Bench, Button down shirt by Pierre Cardin, Trousers by Zara, Loafers by Pedro, Pouch bag by Pedro, Watch by Daniel Wellington, Bracelet by Armour Paracord 19 14
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