The Outcast


     Hello friends! I hope you are feeling positive today. It’s an early day for me because we are going to do our pictorial for the indie film that I did few months ago. A very opposite look to what you normally see in my blog. It’s about a relationship of a father and son on how they survive the struggle of illiteracy. It’s a heavy drama and I hope you get to watch it when it comes out. On a lighter note, this look was the outfit I wore when I went to Cotabato last weekend.

      It’s very seldom you see me wearing an all black. But sometimes you get that feeling of wearing something basing on your mood and your emotions. it was that moment. Matching outfits that I got from Outkast Paradigm and the black Adidas tubular prime knits from The Sneakpeek. A casual street wear that is very comfortable and ideal when you travel. This is what I call the “I don’t care” look. The look of an outcast.

     By the way these Adidas prime knits are only available at The Sneakpeek stores. While for my Outkast outfits, you can check out their IG accounts if you want to order. Bye Bye…

Photography by Che Desena

     Wearing: Shirt by Outkast, Jogger Pants by Outkast, Cardigan by Weekdays, Sneakers by Adidas, Backpack by Aldo, Fedora by Quicksilver, Sunglasses by Aldo, Headphones by Urbanears, Watch by Veloci

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