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 (5)  (9)Photography by Emerson Lee

     I’m Wearing: Bomber Jacket by ZARA MAN, Shirt by TOPMAN,  Trousers by ZARA MAN, Boots by LACOSTE, Sunglasses by SUNNIES, Watch by CERTINA, Fragrance by LACOSTE L!VE

Recently I had a meeting with a company who handles several brands of fragrances. and I’m very thrilled to share this to you, as I have landed to do a blog for this newly released fragrance from Lacoste….. Lacoste L!VE. While we were discussing about the campaign of Lacoste L!VE, #NEW PERSPECTIVE, my mind was already playing, having lots of thoughts on how I will do the shoot.

The campaign inspires you to step aside, step back and see life from a different angle with Lacoste L!VE. The idea of #NEW PERSPECTIVE is very close to my personality as I make sure that in every situation I always try to look at things from a different perspective.

So my concept of the shoot was about this young individual who is bursting with energy, the type that likes to push his boundaries, but always with flair.


As you remove the cap, you will instantly feel the dynamic burst of lime that hits you. This zesty touch reflects the unique nature of the brand and is an unexpected and energetic top note – bright and sharp, to awaken your senses.

Green leaves and aquatic notes are at the heart and accentuate the lime to bring vibrancy and freshness. The smoky warmth of Guaiac Wood and dark liquorice build the base notes of the fragrance, adding depths to the scent.

The ingredients are expertly blended, coming together as one dynamic scent, but each also stands out individually – capturing a feeling of constant motion with ever changing sides as each note reveals itself.