The man behind Herschel and #citylimitless

 4Last week I was privileged enough to meet the founder of Herschel and I’m pretty sure everyone knows the brand because it’s one of the most famous brand when it comes to backpack. So Lyndon Cormack visited the Philippines to showcase their campaign called #citylimitless. So basically he goes around the world to capture moments and beautiful sceneries of each cities. I have learned a lot from this guy and got so inspired with his humble beginnings.

 1 (1)Today, almost everybody owns a mobile camera phone. With it, people take pictures of almost everything and anything. We have probably become the “best documented” generation in the course of history. Some of the best photos you’ll see are those that capture the picturesque views of places from all over the world.

With respect to its fervor towards photography, Vancouver-based, design-driven global accessories brand Herschel Supply Co. is pleased to introduce City Limitless—a detail-oriented content series that utilizes photography and insight provided by members of the Herschel Supply Co. community to celebrate unique design stories from cityscapes around the world. In the series, local architecture, beautiful spaces, side streets, and aerial views capture the urban culture that brings each city to life.

Introduced in early 2015 as #CityLimitless on Instagram, the global community has embraced the tag—populating it with myriad images as diverse and inspiring as the cityscapes they depict. It now lives as a content series on the Herschel Supply Co. blog and features dynamic cityscapes from places such as Tokyo, Rome, and New York. The hashtag #CityLimitless has successfully established itself
in the Instagram community with over 90,000 photos tagged in less than a year since its conception.

Here, he shared their story on how they started their small idea that turned big globally. That is to offer something that everyone will be able to use. Hence, the bag called Herschel Supply Co. With his story I was able to find out where he got the name Herschel, It was actually a small town in Canada where they grew up that has only 30 residents presently. Amazing trivia. 2 (1) 3He ended his speech by saying Do Not Stop Daydreaming. This humble guy have inspired me in so many ways, now my love for the brand has grown bigger. 6

Well of course I went to the event and felt like dressing up casually which I think is appropriate. 1 (2)

 2 (2)

If you notice in my old posts, i like mixing black and browns, I think it matches well, what do you think? 3 (1)  4 (1)  5 7

Photography by Ronnie Salvacion

Wearing: Red Flannel button down shirt by Cotton On, Skinny Jeans by Topman, Boots by Aldo, Hat by Brixton, Tote Bag by Herschel