(7) (3) (9) (13) (4) (16) (19)Photographed by Emerson Lee

     I’m Wearing: Denim Jacket by BENCH, Button down Shirt by FOLDED & HUNG, Neck Tie by MACY’S, Pants by ZARA, Tote Bag by FOLDED & HUNG, Oxfords by COLE HAAN, Socks by HAPPY SOCKS, Sunglasses by SUNNIES, Watch by ARMANI EXCHANGE


1. David Guison 2. Paul Ramos 3. AJ Dee 4. Kiko Cagayat

It has only been two months since I started my style blog, and I tell you, I’m having so much fun. Among us four I’m the youngest in the industry though I think I’m the oldest by age. :) Little by little I get to meet pioneer filipino bloggers from the country and internationally. Until one day Paul Ramos from Dubai invited me if I wanted to do a collaboration with other Filipino fashion bloggers locally and internationally, I was so thrilled so I said why not lets do it. So he contacted Kiko Cagayat from Japan while I asked my co-blogger here in the Philippines David Guison. Fortunately they both said yes. Immediately Paul came up with a concept of wearing a semi-formal with blazer but substituting it with a denim jacket. So here we show you our own style on how to replace a blazer to a denim jacket. Enjoy. Til next time…

Watch out for the next FILO BLOGGERS UNITED….