The Filo Bloggers United II

Shorts in summer

Hey everyone! happy Easter! I hope you’re having a great time right now. It’s 3:25 now in Chicago, and i’m very sleepy but I can’t wait to share to you the second leg of The Filo Bloggers United. and because of the response from our first collaboration, it will now be a monthly thing just for you. But because everyones schedule was so tight, the second leg of the collaboration came in late. So for this batch we came up to the idea of doing an outfit that has a pastel color in it. We were kinda surprised that we ended up doing a distinct look compared to each other. So here it is. from casual wear to smart wear to preppy look to street wear. Let me hear your thoughts about our outfits by commenting to this post. Enjoy!

The Filo Blogger S21 1. @davidguison            2. @itsmepaulramos          3. @thefilodapper              4. @kikocagayat


Photography by Paul Castillo

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