The Central Park

     Hi guys! So I’m supposed to be back last night in Manila, but what can I do, the plane had a mechanical problem when we were about to leave Detroit. So here we are stuck in Seoul, but at least I had a spare time to write on this article.

     Ok, so this shoot was done when we first arrived in New York, luckily the hotel that we were staying at was just walking distance with The Central Park. It wasn’t just a park its a huge park that covers several blocks of Manhattan. It was a fine weather, sunny and at the same time cold, until it got colder and colder on the duration of our stay. Wearing this outfit kinda makes me feel like I’m part of the popular TV show “Gossip Girls” also with the famous location of Upper East side. An appropriate look or style in my perspective. A great suit from my designer friend Joey Samson and a versatile sneaker, Jack Purcell from Converse. If you are trying to purchase a suit always go for the tailor-made one. Nothing beats a suit that perfectly fits you. or if you are gonna buy a ready to wear suit always have it altered, coz you will never regret it, unless you’re planning to get bigger. :)
 3                                                                  Photography by Enchong Dee

     I’m Wearing: Suit by Joey Samson, Shirt by Topman, Scarf by H&M, Knitted Tie by Men21, Sneakers by Converse Jack Purcell,  Socks by Happy Socks, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban 7 1 Hype my look here 2 4  5  6  8