The beautiful Oslo through my Fujifilm Mirrorless camera


Hi you guys, hope everyone’s doing great. If you’re gonna ask me how I am coping up here in the other side of the world, I would be able to answer you quickly with “i’m doing fantastic”. I’m finally living my purpose and that  is to be with my family and of course entering a whole new path for my blogging career.

Now let me take you to a visual tour of Oslo using my Fujifilm mirrorless camera (XT-10) plus of course my newly purchased customised bicycle from Oslovelo that I named AL. So I have asked my friend Andreios to join me as I take photos of some of the good places around the city. Welcome to Oslo.

Okay I wanna show you how beautiful Oslo is through my Fujifilm XT-10 camera using two different prime lens, a 27mm f2.8 or also known as the pancake lens and a 35mm f1.4. I will also show you some special features that my camera has like numerous filters that you can choose from. Here we go…

The famous Oslo Opera House, our rendezvous. i used the pancake lens for this one to capture a wider shot .

 3  4  8

To our next stop Akershus festning (fortress). It was a medieval castle that was built to protect Oslo from the conquerors and was also used as a prison. Such a beautiful place to visit, but be ready for long walks and uphill trekkings. 9  11

This shot was taken using a continuous shot to choose the best photo. 13  14  15

with this one I used an advanced filter (DYNAMIC TONE), creating a fantasy effect by dynamically modulated tone. 16

while in this shot a used a different advanced filter (SOFT FOCUS) creating a look that is evenly soft throughout the whole image. Looks like you’re in a dream huh… 17  18  19  20

here I used another advanced filter, a black and white. 21

 22  23 Now we move to another spot, the famous Nobel Peace Center in Aker Brygge. It sucks though that you see those crane in the background as it destroys the beauty of your subject. 24 you should visit PEACE… 25

then we went to the Royal Palace but didn’t manage to take a photo of it as there were massive amount of tourist infront of it.  27 now this is the statue of Queen MAUD, the first queen of Norway. Used an advanced filter here as well. 28  29 This one looks oddly gorgeous, it’s actually a cabin that is placed in the park just beside the Royal Palace, but they will be opening it for rent to the public soon, but wait till you see the other side of this boxed cabin…
 30  31 and here is the other side of it, cool right! A see through glass that can be scary when you’re inside looking outside. 32 Now we cruised for a long ride and went to the popular Vigeland Park. It is the largest sculpture park in the world that was only made by a single artist, Gustav Vigeland. Landscape is amazing. 34  35 here I used the 35mm f1.4 lens to emphasise on the subject creating a nice bokeh.
 36  38 usually for my product shot I used the 35mm to create a nice depth of field, except for flat lays wherein you don’t need the bokeh or the blurry background.

i gotta say, the quality of life here in Norway is the best, you got the best places to relax, meditate, soul search or just stare at the beautiful creation of God, nature. 41  42 well our shoot will not be complete without an outfit shot. Again I used the 35mm f1.4 to emphasize on the subject which is of course me. hahahaha
 43  44  45 we’ve now reached halfway of our journey, heading back we passed by the luxurious view of Sjølyst Marina, I used the advanced filter (DYNAMIC TONE).
 46  47 stopped here for a while and enjoyed the nice view of Sjølyst Marina.
 48  49 we also cruised at one of the luxurious area in Oslo, Aker Brygge. 50  51

the modern Astrup Fearnley Museum. I still have to see what’s inside… 52  53

now this caught my attention, tell me how this sculpture was mounted?
 54  55 the upper class canal of Tjuvholmen. 56  57 the other side of the Oslo Opera House, need to go back here co’z i’m not yet familiar going around the city with AL my bicycle. Okay so we cruised around the city for a good 25 kms, good thing we have our bikes with us co’z we won’t be able to reach the far side of the city just by walking.
 58but lastly, coffee… can’t just go home without pausing for a coffee fix and it has to be at one of my favorite coffee house near our place. Espresso House in Markveien. Used the 35mm lens here to get that tasteful bokeh.
 1 (1)  2 (1)

And this is the end of the visual tour of Oslo. All of the photos taken here were not edited to show you how good the quality is of the Fujifilm mirrorless camera. I really love this camera for so many reasons, quality, the wifi connectivity which I can transfer immediately the photos from my camera to my phone, the capability of producing a good shot even on low light, the flippable screen of the XT-10 that can hugely affect your shots, the vintage looking design of it, the different filters that are built in to the camera, the option to instantly set your photo to square for a more Instagram ready photos and lastly its size and its lightness of the weight. It’s is an amazing piece of camera. And if you’re looking for a good camera i really suggest that you get a mirrorless camera of Fujifilm. Well I hope you guys enjoyed the view of Oslo, I’ll definitely be back for more.

Captured by Andreios Reyes using a Fujifilm XT-10

Wearing: Shirt by Joaquin Menswear, Jacket by H&M, Chinos by Lyle & Scott, Shoes by Straight Forward, Sunglasses by Komono, Customized Bicycle by Oslovelo, Backpack by Aldo, Watch by Timex