Sun is shining…

IMG_0116 (1)Photography by Ronnie Salvacion

     I’m Wearing: Tank Top by FOLDED & HUNG, Jogger Pants by FOLDED & HUNG, Mandals by HILL AND DEER, Backpack by FREESTYLE PRODUCTS COLLECTION, Sunglasses by SUNNIES

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     Happy Monday guys! another reason to be smiling for summer is already here. I’m sure most of you have plans already of going to the beach this summer vacation. May it be in Boracay, Palawan, or Batangas. Wherever it is, it’s important that you know what outfit to wear. I’m positive that you already have in mind the clothes that you want to wear on your trip. Just make sure its comfortable and perfect for the weather. Like what I’m wearing here, you can visit any Folded & Hung stores as they have the perfect outfit for your trip this summer.`Lets now go to the footwear, there are many sandals out there but I suggest that you should also check out this Mandals from Hill and Deer as they offer stylish and unconventional footwear that is perfect for summer, like this yellow coloured strap I’m wearing that happened to match the pocket of my tank top. Now usually you bring a lot of stuff like laptop, iPad, headphones, etc. this bag I’m wearing will be able to hold all your gadgets and small stuff. very stylish and affordable at the same time. you can check out Freestyle Products Collection in any major department stores nationwide. and last but not the least your sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from the UV rays is very vital. Of course you want to look good at the same time right? and that’s why I’m wearing sunglasses from Sunnies. Check them out as they have so many designs that you can choose from. Not only that, its very affordable. Best deal you can get. IMG_0105 (1)

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