Summertime in Dakak

It’s Friday again, that went fast. Most of you probably are planning again to go on a trip. Well good for you as I’ll be staying here in Manila coz I have taping today plus its the 2nd leg of the Trendsetters Bazaar, so I hope to see you there. and check out my booth as I’ll be selling my pre-loved clothes from my blog and my own wardrobe. But for now let me take you to my trip to Dakak wearing Folded & Hung
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Photography by Che Desena

     I’m Wearing: Tank Top by Folded & Hung, Board Shorts by Folded & Hung, Flip-Flops by Havaiianas, Sunglasses by Sunnies


Okay so my manager got a call that I have a guesting for Home Sweetie Home, to be shot in Dakak where I thought that it was just in Laguna only to find out that it’s in Zamboanga. Pardon my ignorance. hahaha Well for the benefit of everyone, its a sitcom in ABS-CBN that is shown every Saturday 6:00 P.M. and By the way our episode is going to be shown tomorrow so don’t miss it out. So we went there and I said this is a perfect time to shoot coz the place is so amazing! So here you go…. Summertime in Dakak…. Enjoy!

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