Summer Outfit In The City

 3A positive Wednesday to all of you. How’s the Summer treating you? Lucky for those who are always at the beach, you can just wear tank tops or if you’re confident you can just go topless but for those who are stuck in the city here is an outfit or style that you can try on with or without the Vespa.

Okay so one day I asked my Dad if I can borrow his Vespa, it’s probably the 3rd time i’ve mentioned it to him and luckily he said yes. He doesn’t actually want me to go alone with his baby (Vespa) hahahaha, so we ended up going together, I don’t mind at all coz’ I asked him to be my photographer that day. It was fun and i wish I can buy one too when I move abroad. So anyway, about this outfit, it’s really perfect for this kind of weather. The shirt is made out of silk blend so it’s really thin and breathable, plus the color is light so its calming to look at. Most of the time you see people in shorts, tank tops and t-shirts during this time of the year but you can’t just do that when you’re working or if you still wanna look sharp this is an idea of what you can wear in the city.  This is just another option for you to try on, just remember go for the light fabrics and colors. By the way how’d you like my dad’s yellow Vespa? it’s cool right?

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Photography by my Dad

Wearing: Shirt by H&M, Trousers by H&M, Belt by Mission Belt Co., Boots by Aldo, Sunglasses by Aldo, Watch by Henlein PeterMotorcycle by Vespa