Hallo everyone…. After that Filo Bloggers United craze lets drop it down to a single notch. But before anything else, I would like to say thank you and welcome the  new comers out there and lets enjoy this little site of mine. :)

So here is one of the outfit I wore when I was in New York. and this was shot in Riverdale Bronx, where one of our relatives live. I actually like this area coz its very quiet and peaceful. Very opposite to what you usually see on TV. It was also the day when we’re going to meet up with our other relatives and friends. So I decided to wear something nice, something appropriate to this beautiful and vibrant city of New York. Luckily I have Tiño Suits to back me up when I wanted to look sophisticated. So kudos to Tiño for making amazing bespoke suits! Now all I have to do is match it with a white shirt and make that bow tie and pocket square work. Well the scarf is optional. Now you have achieved elegance. 2

Photography by Olga Dee

     I’m Wearing: Suit by Tiño Suits, Shirt by H&M, Bow Tie by H&M, Scarf by H&M, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Shoes by Prada, Pocket Square by H&M


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