Street Smart

     Good day everyone, Happy Friday! Oh how days go by so fast and it’s again the weekend. I know you are excited again for tonights gimmick and so am I, as it’s my brother’s first solo concert and I’m so thrilled because I know doing a solo show is one of his many dreams. Since we were young my little brother has always enjoyed singing no matter what. I admire this guy so much not because he has a good voice, but because he’s an achiever, every time he wants something, he focus on it so bad that’s why he always get to where he wants to be. Many people detest him of what he has achieved but they don’t know the sacrifice and time he has poured into it. Enchong is not a singer but he’s one heck of a performer. So if you guys don’t have any plans tonight, join us and watch Enchong rock the stage tonight at 8pm,Music Museum. Thinking of what to wear? Here’s an idea.

     Just go to any Bench store and find something thats fashionable. Try to mix and match outfits like these. Bomber jacket and jogger pants but instead of being too casual replace a t-shirt to a button down shirt. Add a hat to give that edgy yet smart looking outfit. Voila!! Enjoy your weekend guys.

Photography by Ronnie Salvacion

Wearing: Bomber Jacket by Bench, Button down Shirt by Bench, Jogger Pants by Bench, Sneakers by Bench, Hat by Albertus Swanepoel X Bench, Sunglasses by Selima Optique, Crystal Bracelet by Homura

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