Sharing Wisdom

     Hallo everyone, I’m pretty sure you know this other guy here, Robbie Becroft. He is one of the first male bloggers that I checked from the Philippines when I was just planning to start my own blog. and finally we got to hang out and of course do a shoot.


He is such a nice and cool guy. We got to share ideas, insights and talked more about life experiences. It was nothing but a fruitful and relaxing day. in synced with my comfortable outfit especially these espadrilles i’m wearing from Soludos.

Many years ago I have already been into espadrilles, very comfortable and perfect for our tropical weather. Good thing I found them. Soludos is a New York based company who offers this type of footwear. Espadrilles (from the Spanish word ‘Esparto’ for grass) have been worn in the Pyrenees and along the Mediternanean for centuries. Jute braids are woven together to form soles that breathe. We’ve simply updated the traditional espadrille design for the city, the beach and everywhere in between. So I suggest you add it to your collection of footwear, not that its only perfect for the beach, city and in between, its also very comfortable and stylish.

Photography by Karlo Torio

     I’m Wearing: Polo by Folded & Hung, Denim by Folded & Hung, Espadrilles by Soludos, Tote Bag by Folded & Hung, Sunglasses by Esprit, Anchor Bracelet by ROXbyXiao

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