Seven Friday X The Filo Dapper

May I proudly present you SEVENFRIDAY. The substance and sophistication in one. The new swiss watch for every Dapper man.

Created for the spruce, adventurous, and goal-oriented man, Swiss watch brand SEVENFRIDAY brings a great mix of innovative design, excellent quality, and powerhouse function in its collections. With the well-crafted elements present in one trademark. From its wide variety of classy colors to the fine materials, and intricate construction—the modern timepiece depicts an inspiring storyline of an achiever and strong-willed fellow who lives every moment to the fullest.

IMG_0093IMG_0121IMG_0182Photographed and Edited by Ice Dee

     Espoused with 15 years of in-depth experience in the watch industry, SevenFriday founder Daniel Niederer shares his passion for advancement, product performance, and mélange of styles. “Our intention was to create a timepiece with the best standards and highly perceived value, but still quite affordable. We wanted to produce a watch that you just don’t put in a drawer. Normally, you look at a watch and you think—it’s either a jewelry watch or a sports watch. But when you look at this watch, you’re actually not sure. Is it classic or modern? I don’t want to specify what it stands for. I believe a good design shouldn’t explain too much,” he said.

An extraordinary handiwork for timekeeping, SevenFriday combines the classic impact of a formal piece and the active appeal of a sports watch. Its masculine charm makes it a treasured and brilliant choice for avid watch collectors, because of its distinct ability to be matched with any outfit, which infuses a timeless and virile aura to a simple look.

SevenFriday shows every self-driven and bright man a different take on profoundly engineered items with the mix of two superb major features in its wristwatches—the iconic box with an aluminum animation ring and made of stainless steel that serves as a protective casing; and the impressive interface of mechanical layers composed of multi-layer dial, unique hands, and complex watch movement.

SevenFriday showcases two exceptional collections: The P SERIES that presents industrial components and the M SERIES that draws inspiration from power engine suppliers. With the classic blend of subdued earth tones and chromatic hues—from light gray to shades of copper, dashing silver, classic black, and striking brights, the P Series symbolizes the modern era of high-end motorcycles and a tribute to robots and machines. The M Series, on the other hand, boasts the sophisticated combination of modernly engineered power measurement tools and its special roster of colors, which exude the powerful vibe of turbines

SevenFriday undeniably harmonizes modernity, aesthetics, and energy, which give any alpha male a new statement of expression that redefines success in life and embraces the carpe diem philosophy. Whether for work or play, spend every single day like it’s Friday and always welcome the much-awaited weekend with a stylish watch and be proud to say: “Thank God it’s SevenFriday!”

Before heading out for the shoot I told myself that I wanted to make a story for the watch  SevenFriday. So I asked my brother Ice who is also talented when it comes to photography if he could help me out with the shoot, fortunately he was also free that day.

For the shoot, I wanted to portray a fellow that is well-rounded. A man who is sophisticated and at the same time rugged.  A man who not only knows style but also knows how to handle difficult situations. A man who takes charge. A man who knows how to live life to the fullest. A man that perfectly represents SevenFriday.

IMG_0108IMG_0116IMG_0115IMG_0120Leather Jacket by ALL SAINTS, Shirt by FOX, Leather Gloves by ARMANI EXCHANGEIMG_0126IMG_0133Watch by SEVEN FRIDAYIMG_0140IMG_0138IMG_0143IMG_0145IMG_0152Sunglasses by SUNNIES, Boots by ALDOIMG_0168IMG_0183IMG_0178

SEVENFRIDAY is available at the following retail stores—SevenFriday Watch Boutiques (Promenade and Mega Fashion Hall at SM Mega Mall); Washington Jewelry Emporium (Alabang Town Center, Eastwood Mall, Festival Mall, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 1, Robinsons Place Manila, Shangri-La Plaza, Powerplant Mall Rockwell, and SM North EDSA) and Urban Superior Store at Banilad Town Center Cebu City