Seriously Casual

     Happy weekend everyone. How did your week go? I hope it went well. If you ask me it went great too, as I have some good news for you. I got a good deal to blog for the no.1 retail brand in the Philippines and all their other brands. I’m pretty sure you know which one i’m talking about. Plus I got in to be one of the ambassadors of Sneakpeek. A store that offers different brands of sneakers from the new collections to the all time favorites. Brands like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Asics, etc. It is gonna be amazing. So watch out for it. and I promise to give you the best. As you have been all my inspiration to this. Thank you for sticking up to this little project of mine, thank you for trusting. Now lets talk about the outfit that I was wearing here.

     The same outfit that I wore going to those meetings. It must have been my lucky charm. I decided to wear something smart but a little bit edgy and comfy. A classic style of white button down shirt that you normally wear during special events. Then I matched it with a casual yet smart looking shorts from Outbreak Boulevard. Then for my footwear, espadrilles from Soludos, to achieve the comfort and style at the same time. Plus adding a hat to give that edgy look. Voila.

Photography by Ice Dee 

     I’m Wearing: Button down Shirt by Original Penguin, Shorts by Outbreak Boulevard, Espadrilles by Soludos, Bag by Zara, Hat by H&M, Watch by Veloci

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