Right Direction

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Photography by Paul Castillo

I’m Wearting: Blazer by H&M, Shirt by BENCH, Denim by MTWTFSS WEEKDAY, Watch by TW STEEL, Bracelet by RASTACLAT, Socks by DRESSMAN, Oxfords by COLE HAAN

When I was constructing ideas for my blog, one of the concepts that I wanted to do was to have a style inspiration. So here is one of them. Earlier today, I was having a chat with my little sister about her favourite boy group… I’m sure you know who I’m talking about… 1D aka One Direction. Yea! Me being the kuya (elder brother), I had no choice but to listen to my sister. But don’t get me wrong I like their sense of style and fashion. A very European approach.

So here it goes. Day suit in time of this year is acceptable, because of the cold breeze passing from the northern part of Asia. But of course it still depends on the temperature. As for my shoes, I like this pair of Cole Haan especially the Lunargrand series, because of its comfort and lightness. Originally used by Nike for their running shoes.  Now if you are in the corporate world, and must wear leather shoes and you do a lot of walking, I suggest you get one because it will prevent you from having an aching feet.