(1) (7) (2) (4) (5) (8) (10) (11) (6)Photography by Larry Medenilla // Location: Balai, Anilao

 I’m Wearing: Button down Shirt by PULL & BEAR, Jeans by H&M, Belt by UNIQLO, Suede Derby by GÓRTZ 17,  Sunglasses by SUNNIES, Polaroid Camera by FUJIFILM INSTAX, Anchor Bracelet by ROXBYXIAO, Luggage Boombox by PACO

When you’re at the beach you normally see men wearing tank tops and board shorts. and thats perfectly fine because you want to feel comfortable and get as much sun as you want. But what I did here was the total opposite of the norm. I decided to wear something more fashionable than the casual… a thin button down shirt, jeans and of course a polarised SUNNIES. Also with me is my very unique luggage boombox to listen with my own chillout playlist. My ultimate afternoon beach experience.