Red in Chi-town

     Before anything else I would just want to greet all the moms out there a happy happy mother’s day. I know we wouldn’t all be here if not because of our parents especially our mother. So take the opportunity to say thank you and give your mom a lovely kiss. and I guess its perfect to wear something red today as a representation of love. Let us spread and express our joy on this occasion by wearing something red. Like the one I’m wearing when we were in Chicago.

     Remembering that day when we were in Chi-town. It was a great day, nice weather and perfect time to see the beautiful city of Chicago. So why not wear something positive, something vibrant. So I decided to wear my red blazer and matched it with everything black to give emphasis on it. Most of the time when I’m wearing something loud or bold, I make it a point that it will stand out. and that being said, what I did was, matched it with a uniformed color of black on the entire outfit. Attempting to match it with another loud color or print could be disastrous. I’m not saying that it is not possible, but it could be tricky. So I suggest do it in a subtle manner. Try it on first at home and see if it’s tolerable or too much. Always remember that if you’re gonna wear something make sure that you are confident with the outfit alright. So bye for now and enjoy the rest of the day. :) 7

Photography by Olga Dee

     I’m Wearing: Blazer by H&M, Pullover by Gakuya by Kim Gan, Pants by M, Socks by Happy Socks, Shoes by Prada, Sunnies by Ray-Ban

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