Quy & Co Su Misura Experience

Summer has finally arrived here in the north and so as my newly commissioned sports jacket from Quy Bui’s Su Misura, a Norwegian brand that is making a name here in Oslo. To give you a brief background about Quy Bui’s brand, Quy & Co., he started his own brand around 3-4 years ago if i’m not mistaken producing quality trousers made from Italy. I met him after launching his second season same time that I learned about his brand, I instantly admire his work so I tried to collaborate with him until I ended up being his client. 

Last year he expanded his brand by offering a su misura program and obviously I got curioused and met up with him early this year to learn more about it. I like what I saw so I set an appointment. Prior to choosing which fabric to get we initially did the measurements that includes wearing his try on jackets to see which size was the closest to my body, a normal procedure for a made to measure program. His size patterns were advantageous to my body as it is more slimmer like the usual Italian sizing. There were some positive and negative points that I encountered while going through with the procedure. I thought it was good that he was able to make an adjustment in the width of the lapel by adding an inch from his standard lapel width but on the other hand, I felt like there were some details that were lacking which I think is vital to a client’s style and preference like for example choosing the type and colour of the buttons that will be used to the jacket, though when I asked him about it he said it’s possible to change it but normally it’s already preselected by the manufacturer in Naples. Some other details which I think were missing but not that significant was the option of the size of the AMF stitching, the colour of the melton inside the collar and lastly the option of having a monogram inside your jacket which adds a personal touch and uniqueness to the jacket. But as I’ve said these were just minor details that probably most people does not care about.

Then after a long deliberation on which fabric to choose from, I have finally come to a decision, I chose a gray/brown Super 130 four season pure wool that has a weight of 260grms. in Caccioppoli fabric . To be frank, I’m not a fan of the windowpane but this particular fabric displayed an interesting detail when looking up close that is why I went for it. After almost eight weeks my sports jacket arrived all the way from Naples, Italy. It was expected to arrive in 5 weeks but it got delayed due to the unavoidable holidays in Italy. All the wait was gone as soon as I laid my eyes on the finished jacket, it was indeed a great work, handmade buttonholes, sleeve linings, the fit was almost perfect, the collar was flawless, the sleeve length was accurate to my desired bottom end, the jacket length was on point, the drape was excellent and lastly, the lapel rolls… it was a true beauty. Oh and most of all we did not need to do any alterations which is a great sign of an outstanding work, it is usually an agony having to wait again for a few days before you can finally get everything right. I picked up the jacket very satisfied and would definitely recommend it to others.


Photographed by My Wife

Sports Jacket by Quy and Co.

Linen Trousers by Quy and Co.

Button-down Shirt by Skabo

Suede Oxfords by Crockett and Jones

Socks by Falke

Sunglasses by Neubau Eyewear

Watch by Omega, vintage 1956 constellation

Signet Ring by Tomwood