Quick Escape

 (3) (5) (1) (4) (6)Photography by Larry Medenilla // Location: Balai Resort, Anilao

     I’m Wearing: White Blazer by Calvin Klein, Button down Shirt by Pull & Bear, Shorts by Uniqlo, Sneakers by Lacoste, Sunnies by Sunnies Studios, Overnight Bag by Borders Philippines, Anchor Bracelet by ROXBYXIAO

When you live in a very crowded city and you have a heavy load of work, this kind of quick escape on a weekend is very vital. Not only that you get to relax but also be able to reboot yourself and have that energy gained back come Monday. All you need is an overnight bag and your’e good to go, luckily I get to own this superb bag from Borders Philippines. They have this sense of style that I like, simple, unique and the quality is very good. i’m telling you, you have to check it out!  Now where do I go? There are lots of getaway places near the metro but considering that  I love nature, well I guess it’s not hard for me to decide anymore. This place is one of my favourite. Balai Resort in Anilao Batangas is not only great for relaxing but also perfect for those people who is into diving. And I will definitely make a solo story/post on this amazing place. Well there you go. You can now add this to your list of getaway places.