Probe • Adidas

 3So it’s Saturday again and the week went by fast as usual. It was the week of the Oslo Runway, it’s the counterpart of the fashion week in other countries. I was able to attend and watched some of the famous brands and designers here in Scandinavia and it was good, they got their own approach of streetwear. So I’m gonna pause for a while in wearing suits and make way for some street styling.

So I was able to get some stuff from Adidas and it was time for me to go around the city and look for a great spot. Bomber jacket is a very popular part of every streetwear afficionados out there but aside from that it also serves as a good protection from the light cold breeze like Spring and Fall, plus it’s definitely stylish. and by the way this modern architectural building is owned by one of the largest telecom companies here in Norway.

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Photography by Andreos Reyes

Wearing: Bomber Jacket by Adidas, Shirt by Outkast Paradigm, Cropped Pants by Zara, Shoes by Adidas NMD, Hat by Zara, Tote Bag by Allopop, Watch by Certina, Sunglasses by Aldo