Present X Future

 (3) (6) (1) (2) (4) (5) (7) (9) (10) (11) (12) (17)Photography by Emerson Lee

     Akio’s wearing: Blazer by GINGERSNAPS, Vest by GINGERSNAPS, Shirt by GINGERSNAPS, Pants by GINGERSNAPS, Derby by OLLIE

I’ m Wearing: Blazer by BENCH, Vest by ZARA, Button down Shirt by DRESSMAN, Drop crotch Pants by BENCH, Derby by MARK MCNAIRY

Hi everyone, meet Akio. He is my best friend’s only son. He is so cute especially when he is being fashionable, thanks to his mom because she likes dressing them up. So I thought of doing a collaboration with this kid. I talked to the mom and asked what clothes Akio have and then I will  just try to match it with what I have.

I kinda experimented on my outfit by wearing a serious looking top and blended it with a drop crotch pants. Worked well for me. It gives an impression of responsibility and playfulness at the same time. sounds like me… hahaha While Akio’s outfit was combined perfectly. From his contrasting light blazer to the dark vest and how the hint of red from his shoe complimented with the shades of blue on his upper outfit. It was a fun experience, from the outfits, the shoot and the location. Amazing. Looking forward to the next one.