Playful with Class

 15Photography by Kyle Wong

     Wearing: Blazer by Perry Ellis, Button down Shirt by Perry Ellis, Tie by Aldo, Trousers by Zara, Oxfords by Prada, Watch by Certina, Pocket Square by Dressmen

Being a blogger is fun, you get lots of perks, freebies and if you make it big you can earn big bucks from it. It may sound easy but it isn’t, along with those fun, perks and freebies is a huge responsibility. But it’s actually fulfilling especially when brands notices you and starts to trust you. They will offer you to do a collaboration and campaigns with them. and then there goes the deadlines, piled up posts and meetings. Until you notice that you are always running out of time. It’s fun don’t get me wrong, you just have to treat blogging seriously and it’s a JOB. Bottom line is whatever field you are in right now, always take it seriously, be passionate about what you are doing and always find a job that makes you happy. Luckily aside from my passion which is acting, I found another thing to do that makes me happy and it is dressing up.

Which leads me to this outfit, dressing up in a dapper way. I enjoy playing around with my outfit. Like the one I’m wearing here. If you look at the upper part of my outfit you can easily tell that I mean business, a smart outfit that is appropriate for meetings but if you check on the shoes that I’m wearing, you will suddenly have a shift of impression. I would say that this outfit is playful with class. I am never afraid on experimenting on my outfit and I would advice that you also try it. Believe me it’s fun, but always remember in order to have a successful outfit you first have to be confident about it, otherwise you will be going out feeling awkward with your look.

By the way this was shot at the very nice boutique hotel in Alabang called Azumi Boutique Hotel. Which I’ll be showing you later today. Have a nice day.

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