One Love

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Photography by Paul Castillo

I’m Wearing: Cardigan by TOPMAN, Tank Top by ALEXANDER WANG X H&M, Joggers by MTWTFSS WEEKDAY, Hat by QUIKSILVER, Sneakers by NEW BALANCE, Backpack by PENNY, Skateboards by PENNY

Holiday is almost over, and most of us are going back to our normal routines again. But it is up to you if you want to stay the same or if you want to change for the better. This is the best time to start fresh and be the new you. I am now ready to face the new challenges, I hope you are too. :) But before all the chaos starts again, I want to take this chance to relax and enjoy, and skateboarding is one way.

I like to wear this tank top by Wang X H&M because it is very stylish and comfy. And then I added colours to my outfit by wearing this design your own shoe from New Balance that has a name tag ONE LOVE. A desire that we all hope for. Plus of course, my candy-coloured plastic skateboard and with the very functional and stylish backpack from Penny, where in you can easily carry your board anywhere with no hassle.