On a Mission • J Lindeberg

Hallo! How did your Monday go? I hope it went great! As for me, Monday started well, had a good result from my norskkurs (Norwegian course) test, then I had a meeting again with the retail store that I might be working at. But aside from that I am very keen in sharing with you one of the brands that I enjoyed wearing very much, plus I’ll get to show you some of the collection from their Spring and Summer 2017 collection. Join me and J. Lindeberg to go on a mission to explore the centre of the old city of Barcelona.12Normally when I am travelling I make sure that I make an itinerary so that I won’t be wasting any time and that I’ll be able to maximize all the beautiful spots the city is offering. Of course it doesn’t stop there I also know what outfit should I wear on a particular area. I knew that the architectures of the Gothic Quarters would match perfectly the earthly tones of the outfit. You also have to consider the weather of the city you are visiting because it can be a big of a hassle when all you do the whole day is walk and walk and walk.

So it was a perfect 16 degrees celsius and a thin jacket was just the ideal outfit for me. This field jacket looks simply amazing against the old structures of the Gothic Quarters while I paired it with a navy shirt and a white denim jeans all from J. Lindeberg then gave a twist by wearing a blush coloured oxfords instead of a typical boots to give a nice contrast to the look.
1321114985647910553 1 16The Gothic Quarters was definitely my favourite area in the city. It’s just so rich with culture and history. A nice mixture of old and new structures. Not to mention the narrow streets, it was just amazing.52

Photography by Olga Dee

Wearing: Field Jacket, White Jeans and Shirt by J. Lindeberg, Blush coloured Oxfords by Pedro, Sunglasses by Penguin, Multi-purpose bag by Victorinox, Socks by Happy Socks