NYFWM: Concept Korea ft. DBYD and Ordinary People


Concept Korea is a global project that publicizes Korea’s fashion culture throughout the world and supports domestic designer brands. This season they are showcasing two men’s wear designers. DBYD and Ordinary People.Go check out what they offered for the F/W 2016 collection.3B1A2821 This was the very first show I attended during the New York Fashion Week. Well I was early for a change, i was so excited. So here is the look of a typical runway show, but most of the time the venue is much much bigger than this, depending on the brand.

3B1A2824 She’s not part of the show, she was just so cool so i took a snap of her outfit.
3B1A2827 3B1A2829 The girls who were famous for their unique sense of style, dapper.3B1A2830 Now here is the show… In this collection you will see a lot of casual wear that plays with different colors like beige, gray, burgundy, red, black and white. With variations of fabrics from cotton to wool, denim to nylon, polyester to rayon. DBYD is the menswear label of Korean designer Kang Dong Jun.

While for Ordinary People has more of the holiday feel, through this collection you’ll see every moment happening in hotel with their own ordinary style. Playing with colors like dark green, neutral gray, midnight blue, yellow and camel. Then you will see different fabrics used like wool, silk, cotton, fake fur and suede.3B1A2835 3B1A2837 3B1A2838 3B1A2839 3B1A2840 3B1A2841 3B1A2842 3B1A2843 3B1A2844 3B1A2845 3B1A2846 3B1A2851 3B1A2852 3B1A2853 3B1A2854 3B1A2856 3B1A2857 3B1A2859 3B1A2860 3B1A2861 3B1A2862 3B1A2863 3B1A2865 3B1A2866 3B1A2867 3B1A2868 3B1A2869 3B1A2870 3B1A2871 3B1A2873 3B1A2875 3B1A2876 3B1A2877 3B1A2878 3B1A2879 3B1A2881 3B1A2882 3B1A2883 3B1A2884 3B1A2885 3B1A2886 3B1A2887 3B1A2889 3B1A2890 3B1A2891 3B1A2893 3B1A2895 3B1A2897 3B1A2902 3B1A2903 3B1A2906 3B1A2907 3B1A2908 3B1A2910 3B1A2911 3B1A2912 3B1A2916 3B1A2918