My Wardrobe For the NYFWM

3B1A2800 A blessed Sunday everyone. I’d like to share with you the wardrobe I brought to the New York Fashion Week last February. Travelling to attend events like fashion weeks abroad can be very difficult, because you have to wear distincitve outfits everyday especially if it’s winter, you got to bring a couple of top coats and jackets. Here are my wardrobe.

My New York travel was a total of 13 days, 4 days of jam-packed schedule of the fashion week and the remaining days are for shoots and leisure. I was carrying 2 stuffed luggages full of clothes. You might wonder why I have to bring that amount of clothes for that short trip. It goes like this, you go to an average of 6 shows a day and that’s located in different venues, so you have to bring all you need for the whole day, that includes your total outfit, a bag for all your essentials and most importantly your camera. Of course you want to look your best and not only that you want to stand out because that’s the event where everybody as in every single person is at there best outfit. Every after show which only lasts for less than 20 minutes you rush out of the venue to transfer to another location for the next fashion show and as soon as you open the gate of the establishment you will see around 15-18 different groups of photographers from different publishing companies taking photos of the stylish people. Think red carpet or premiere of a movie where a lot of cameras are pointing to your direction. Sometimes they will even ask you to go to the road and walk for them while they capture you and your outfit. It was very amusing. and while it was all happening, little did I know that I was shot by the famous Bill Cunningham and got featured in the Sunday edition of New York Times Newspaper, I was overjoyed when my co-blogger and friend from New York told me the news. So I was on the right page to be at my best look whenever I attend those kind of events because you will never know where your shots will be published or used.


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So here are the breakdown of my outfit:

6 Suits: from Felipe & Sons, Ryan Uson, Joey Espiritu, H&M

2 Overcoats: from Felipe & Sons, H&M

4 Waistcoats: from Ryan Uson, Zara

7 Button Down Shirts: from Felipe & Sons, Ryan Uson, Celio, Dressman, Perry Ellis

8 Neck Ties: from OTAA, Bow n Ties, Gagliardi, H&M

4 Sunglasses: Rayban, Dior, Lespecs

2 Belts: from Pedro

8 Pocket Squares: from OTAA,H&M, Gagliardi

4 Shoes: from Magnanni, Adidas, Perdo, SM Salvatore Man

3 Bags: from Pedro, Louboutin, Dries Van Noten

Socks: from Happy Socks, Topman

Hat/Cap: from Zara, New Era

Accessories: (lapel pins, pocket watch, cuff links, money clip) Tessera (lapel pins) OTAA, (tie bars) Gagliardi