My first SU MISURA suit • Skabo

Hi gents, i’m back and excited to show you my first commissioned made to measure (su misura) suit from Skabo. Honestly it was a bit of a challenge when i did the shoot for this because of the Norwegian weather. This is the time of the year when we only have less than 6 hours of daylight and if it’s not gloomy, it’s snowing or it’s extremely freezing but i was able to manage to find the best situation i can possibly have. So here it is.   The idea of this post is to show you what and why i chose this specific suit. So this is my first time to have a su misura suit as i’ve tried ordering dress shirts and a pair of trousers from our MTM program at Skabo where i now work as a sales assistant and social media account handler.

So let’s start with the suit style, a double breasted suit. I picked this style mainly for preference, i think it’s stylish and elegant not that single breasted isn’t. Now we move to the details, i opted for a Neapolitan blue with herringbone in Super 100’s. I was actually unsure whether to choose this shade or navy blue but i already have a dark navy coloured suit so i gave this specific shade a try and boy i was fully satisfied with the total outcome of the colour. So why Super 100’s why not a more finer quality of wool, well in buying a suit it is always important that you know where, how often are you going to wear it and the climate where you are residing. As a classic menswear enthusiast i am always wearing a suit more than 4 days a week and i know that this suit is mainly for work so i need something durable, doesn’t wrinkle a lot and a little warmer than a finer wool like Super 130’s up to Super 200’s.

Now let’s go to the more extensive details of the suit: Half canvas for its light structure, i’m not so much of a fan of the traditional and heavier construction. Roped shoulder (this is the upward extension that creates an illusion of having a rope tuck inside that you see on the sleeve head) also known as the Neapolitan shoulder, this one is usually light padded and i just love how it adds style and elegance to the suit. Standard peak lapels, well i wish there was an option for a much wider lapels but i think it’s coming soon in our program. Welted chest pocket along with patch round side pockets. It may be considered as the most casual type of pocket for its construction but for some reason i find mixing formal details together with the dressed down ones very stylish and appealing, well that’s just me.

Two hidden details that i find in our program very interesting is the option of having a monogram discretely hidden inside the jacket. So here I opted to use Filo Dapper in blocks located at the infold of the jacket’s collar while i chose an ornamental type inside the jacket. I also picked the aubergine colour for the lining as it goes well with the colour of the jacket. A standard 6×2 buttons, nothing fancy.

For the trousers i stick with the fuller cut for a more classic look with 5cm cuffs staying away from the trendy slim cuts. I also included a single deep reverse pleat with side adjusters and buttons for the braces, for me braces are the best option when trying to obtain the perfect position of your trousers during the course of the day.

I just need a few minor adjustments like the length of the sleeves to shorten it maybe around 2cm and probably fastening it a little lose by moving the position of the button to get rid of the unwanted fold on the lapels but all in all i was really satisfied with my suit and i’m now thinking of what to get next. I also wanted to thank my colleague Vegard for helping me out in this process, he really has the knowledge and he is extremely good in what he does. 

Shot by Olga Dee

Wearing: Double breasted Suit, Dress Shirt by Skabo

Tie and Pocket Square by Drakes

Balmoral Boots by Meermin

Vintage Wristwatch by Omega