Monochromatic Green

 12Last Wednesday I had an event with Veloci watch and they came out with a new collection the CAMO. Part of the requirement was to wear something with camo. So I decided to go for a monochromatic green.


Wearing a camo jacket that has a subtleness of green to achieve the monochromatic. 9

I wore a jogger pants from Outkast Paradigm to have that streetwear look.

Some dope handcrafted sunnies from Raen. This one is the REMMY. 8  5

This jacket was an old one, I got this when I went to the states last 2005 for the ASAP show, can’t even remember where I bought it. 13

Finally the perfect theme for my Herschel camo tote bag 6  7  10

These desert boots seal the deal! It actually made my outfit. Giving a great contrast to my monochromatic green. 11 2  14 1Don’t be afraid to experiment, check your closet for some old stuff that would fit your desire look, coz i’m sure you’ll find something great that would much your vision look.

Photography by Michael Macalos

Wearing: Camo Jacket by UNKNOWN, V-neck Shirt by Bench, Jogger Pants by Outkast Paradigm, Desert Boots by Aldo, Tote Bag by Herschel, Sunglasses by Raen, Crystal Bracelets by Homura