Lucky Green


Photography by Paul Castillo

I’m wearing: Polo by RED HERRING, Pants by M, Sneakers by CONVERSE PLAY, Tote Bag by HERSCHEL, Watch by TW STEEL, Bracelet by NIKE FUELBAND

Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks to my family, friends, and fellow fashion fanatics. I wish that we all have a positive and productive year ahead of us. So being the first day of 2015, I want to start off by sharing with you the lucky colour of the year: GREEN! I wore a green paisley polo (sorry for the outcome of the color in the picture, but it is green) matching it with black and white sneakers, to emphasize on the colour. A very neat look, don’t you think? Adding to it a canvas tote bag with the subtleness of the camouflage from Herschel. I like this bag so much because it is just about to come out on the market this year, and I got it from a good friend from Norway.

  • Monmon

    this is the your best outfit post so far, mainly because of your quirky shoes. =) congrats on your newly born blog AJ! More power.

    • Monmon, thanks for the support… hahaha then it should be the best shoes so far hahaha :)

  • Allan

    I like the pants..where can i buy that? thanks..good luck on your blog..very cool

    • The Filo Dapper

      Hi allan, Its actually from a designer… Im just not sure if its still available coz its an old production already. But I’m sure you can get avail one in other retail stores :) thanks for the support by the way… stay updated man :)