Journey Journal: Gothenburg, Sweden

 2Aside from being united with my family there’s another goal that I want to accomplish when I decided to migrate here in Europe, that is to go around different countries and cities here in Europe as much as I can, and here is to my first trip outside Oslo, Gothenburg also known as Göteborg in Swedish, pronounced as (yoteborg). So come ride with me as we go road tripping from Oslo to Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. and after seeing hundreds of thousands of trees, going under several tunnels, witnessing beautiful sceneries and driving around 3 hours from Oslo City, we finally reached our destination.

We actually took this trip because of the kids to experience one of their main attractions, the Liseberg amusement park. It was fun for us adults but not so much for my kids coz they don’t have much rides for smaller children. Me and my friend enjoyed the highlight of Liseberg which is the Helix and it took us an hour to finally be seated but it was definitely worth it. The Helix ride almost threw us away of our seats, it was a crazy roller coaster ride. I recommend that you try it if you’re planning to take a visit.

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Weather was perfectly matched with my floral polo. Of course it wasn’t a coincidence. One tip for you, always check the weather to where you are going. It will help you organise well the outfits that you should be packing.
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On our second day we went around the city walking and board the canal tour. It was the fastest way to really learn the history of Gothenburg so you better pay attention. It was actually pretty interesting to learn so many things for a small city like Gothenburg. They are also know for its preserved canals that is also similar with the one in Amsterdam. The city is also heavily influenced by that Dutch as you can see on the structures of their buildings. It is because the Dutch were the one who were assigned to rebuild this city when it was destroyed by the Danish.
 1  12 And here I was able to capture one of their oldest operating trams at the centre of their city. 13

Another thing that I noticed here and which I love so much is that they really encourage people to use a bicycle, you can tell because of the size of their bicycle lanes, it’s wider compared the ones in Norway. Which is good. 14

and that’s my eldest son Maximus enjoying the weather in Gothenburg.
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and there’s my youngest, already burnt from playing too much under the sun. hahaha 17  19  20  21  22  23Well it was just a short trip but it was just enough for us to really go around the city. Personally I liked the city’s vibe, it’s small but it’s rich with history and culture. One down and many many more cities to go. But for now it’s time for me to go back to Oslo. I hope you enjoyed my journey journal of Gothenburg, Sweden, til’ my next destination. See yah!